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I'm a female and have been into a female strip club and I sure didn't see horns coming out of their foreheads or two extra eyes coming out from the back of their heads. Of course they have feelings. Many young women have no option, but to strip for a living because many are single moms and also have other reasons. The money is usually good if you get into the right club and so are the tips. I've gotten to know a few of the girls and they are no different in their lifestyles then any other woman with the exception of stripping. There are some women that simply love to strip and make men drool all over the club floor, but these are few and far between. To most it's a job! I'm not sure. I'm a customer. I've seen occasionally, a dancer arriving or leaving with a guy, so I assume they're a couple. But lots of dancers travel to different cities, so I'm guessing that although they probably want a loving relationship, it might be difficult, so maybe they postpone it for the years they work as a dancer. But some are dancers for about 10 years. Maybe a relationship is possible and not difficult to maintain. I'm guessing that with the growing popularity of gays and lesbians, perhaps some female exotic dancers are lesbians and maybe they can get some love and affection from other dancers.

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