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do superstitions about comets and asteriods in Taiwan

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The motto of Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University is 'Be Humanistic, Be Athletic, Be Scientific, Be Democratic, Be Patriotic'.

Taiwan was called Formosa before receiving its tittle as Taiwan.

currency in Taiwan is called the Taiwan dollar.

The currency of Taiwan is "New Taiwan Dollars or NTD".

taiwan is a country so there is no such thing as when was taiwan discoverd

Taiwan IS a country. What do you mean by "Is there any countries in taiwan?"

Taiwan is not a capital it is a country, and the capital of Taiwan is Taipei

No. Taiwan has counties.

Taiwan and Mainland China is separated by the Taiwan Strait, which made it difficult for people to get to Taiwan.

As of 2013, the population of Taiwan is 23.34 million.Population in Taiwan is 23.461.708.

Taiwan is a state that is located in China. The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei. Taiwan covers an area of 1,664 square miles.

No, Taiwan is a democracy.

yes Taiwan is an island

Taiwan is part of Asia

Taiwan is a provine in china!

Taiwan is part of Asia.

We don't have prince in Taiwan

The Capital of Taiwan is Taipei.

The Taiwan Strait (Pacific Ocean). Taiwan Strait

Awesome. Taiwan is democratic Taiwan has good food Taiwanese people are nice Just don't ever say "Taiwan is a part of China" and you'll be fine.

There are many mountains and plans in Taiwan(Portuguese call Taiwan--Formosa).

East. To the west is the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan from China.

No. Taiwan is in the East China Sea. It's separated from China by the Taiwan Strait.

Fly on a plane. There are direct flights to Taiwan, or you can fly to Hong Kong and take the Ferry to Taiwan. There is no Ferry from Hong Kong to Taiwan. It is still necessary to take plane from Hong Kong to Taiwan (about 1.5 hours)

yes Taiwan is officially in the Olympics