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No, get a tattoo of whatever you want, and wherever you want it.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 11:09:08
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Q: Do tattoos on different areas of the body symbolize different things?
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Are there different tattoos that come from different areas of New Zealand?


What do flags symbolize?

Flags can symbolize many things, mostly countries, states, or other areas.

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Different areas of tongue has different sensory perception. The tip of the tongue senses sweet things.

When getting a tattoo can it you sore?

Yes tattoos can hurt. Tattoos can feel like a bad sun burn for a few day after you get one. Also some areas of the body can be more sensitive to tattoos then others.

What does dreams about houses mean?

According to psychologist Carl Jung, dreams of your house represent your own life. Different rooms in the house symbolize different areas of your life. Public rooms such as the front parlor represent your public persona and those parts of yourself that are relatively open to public view. Nurturing areas such as the kitchen and dining room relate to nurturing, growth, hospitality, family traditions, etc. More private areas such as the bedroom and bathrooms symbolize very personal and intimate areas of life. > Different floors of the house also have different significance. Deep cellars or tunnels reach back into the ancestral past, while higher floors and towers suggest "higher" intellectual and spiritual life.

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Will getting a neck tattoo affect your future job?

Yes of course. For some reason tattoos are socially unacceptable, and if you have tattoos on any exposed areas such as hands and neck then careers are likely to be affected.

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It is clean but not pure, our water contains things from other substances. When you are in different areas your drinking water can taste slightly different!

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i don't think so but i guess it depends on which dollar general you go to. different stores in different areas sell different things

Where can someone go to find pictures of card tattoos?

Card tattoos are available in the portfolios of local tattoo artists in most areas. However, a person can also check out tattooing websites for these images, too.

When you are depressed do you lack feelings in other areas?

If you are depressed there is usually a lack of feelings in several areas of your life.... A lack of interest in things that at one point in time was very fulfilling... Depression affects many different areas.

Can you have tattoos in the air force?

Yes, but there are certain limitations. You may not have any visable tattoos above the collar line. Visable tattoos are ok in other areas, so long as they do not cover more than 25% of the exposed body part, and they cannot be innapropriate (discriminatory, sexual innuendo, etc...)

What do weathering erosion and deposition do to the earths surface?

It makes rock, etc. move to different areas which causes more things to happen!

What is 50mm squared equal to in inches?

50mm squared indicates an areas while inches equals length. These are two different units that can not be compared because they measure different things.

Why different skin areas may have dieeferent ph levels?

Different things can raise the PH levels on your skin. Washing can lower PH so that means areas of skin like your face and hands will have a lower PH level than your torso or feet.

How can microbes?

Through: Warm, body temperatures/ areas Sneezing and then touching things Blowing Not cleaning areas/ things regularly.

What does it mean when you dream of maggots in your house?

Your house represents your life, with the various rooms representing the different areas of your life. Maggots symbolize rot and decay. Together, these images suggest that something in your life is rotten and needs to be discarded immediately.

Do different areas of the body take better to bright tattoo colors than others?

Tattoos look better on skin that is smoother, paler, and less hairy. You can use bright colors anywhere, but they'll show up better if you follow that suggestion.

What are some differences between saladin and Richard j?

Firstly, they came from different areas of the world Secondly, they had different names Thirdly, Saladin was a SULTAN and Richard was a KING Fourthly, they believed on different things Lastly, they were born from different parents.

Where to get airbrush tattoos?

Airbrush tattoos were mostly found at fairs and festivals, but today they are very popular at private events like birthday parties, grad nights, Sweet 16's, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, grand openings and more. There are a few places that do airbrush tattoos in metropolitan areas, but not many. when searching for an airbrush tattoo company, use the internet and keywords specific to your area like: temporary tattoos new jersey; airbrush tattoos miami, airbrush tattoos bay area. Keywords specific to your area will reduce the number of valid searches.

Can you tattoo with actual gold?

You can get a temporary tattoo made with actual gold. In certain areas these temporary tattoos are made of 24 kt gold.

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'Areas of competence' means whatever things you are good at, or have experience in.

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Through: Warm, body temperatures/ areas Sneezing and then touching things Blowing Not cleaning areas/ things regularly.

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South Africa is known for a lot of things... rural areas are among those things.

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