Do teachers find their students attractive?

Updated: 11/10/2022
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I would hope not only because of the big age difference. It is illegal for teachers to engage in a sexual relationship with any students at any time.

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Q: Do teachers find their students attractive?
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What does The Teachers Desk do?

The Teachers Desk is an organization that provides free supplies to schools and students in the United States and aims to encourage students and teachers. One can find more details on their official website.

Is school borring?

yesAnswer:School can be as exciting or as boring as you want it to be. Granted many teachers provide less than scintillating lessons, and many students suck fun out of many good teachers work. School boards don't help with underfunding and over protecting students from the real world. However good teachers and attentive students can make education an attractive effort.

Does teachers tickle students?

no teachers don't tickle students

What is the noun in three students and their teachers are coming?

The noun in the sentence is "students" and "teachers" as they refer to people.

Do teachers lie to students?

because they dont want to get in trouble and have there parents find out

What purpose might students find a rubric helpful?

to evaluate their writing of their teachers

For what purpose might students find a rubric helpful?

to evaluate their writing of their teachers

Why should teachers challenge students?

why should teachers challenge students

The average age of a group of teachers and students is 20 The average age of the teachers is 35 The average age of the students is 15 What is the ratio of teachers to students?

1 : 3

How would you debate about female teachers being better than male teachers?

To debate that topic, you should research everything you can about how successful female teachers and male teachers are. When you find statistics, be sure to consider the fact that female teachers greatly outnumber male teachers and be sure the numbers are adjusted to reflect that. You can also try to find information about how well students from female and male teachers do on standardized tests. Also, don't forget to include how female and male teachers relate to students, how willing they are to help students, etc. Because each teacher is different and there are outstanding and poor teachers from either sex, this topic will not be easy to debate. You will need all the concrete information you can find to win the debate.

Are schools teachers supposed to be nice to the students?

Teachers should treat students in the same manner as they would expect students to treat them.

What causes breakdown in communication between teachers and students?

The breakdown in communication between teachers and students is disrespect. The solution starts with the teachers learning how to behave, instead of reacting to a situation, Behavioral skills are important to teachers and students