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Do teenagers get discharge after conception?

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If you mean right after conception, it could be a few different fluids coming out. If you mean days afterward, all women have discharge and its not necessarily from conception. Once the baby starts forming inside, you will most likely see a drier area down there, because the baby starts to consume all extra fluids that are in the body to maintain moisture in the sac. No, not semen, your fluids only; that's why you must drink more fluids than usual during pregnancy. Not alcohol, though.

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Do you have a mucus discharge after conception?

Yes. You will always have this discharge. Always. Even when you go through menopause.

Is a light brown mucusy discharge a sign of initial conception the day after because you're having heavy vaginal discharge but it is clear now?

No, you cannot tell the day after conception.

Is discharge the day after conception a sign of pregnancy?

No. Its too early.

Is it normal for teenagers to have yellow mucus discharge?

if it dark its infection

How long after conception will you start to experience vaginal discharge?

2-5 weeks or maybe not at all. Hello. Vaginal discharge caused by pregnancy usually starts around 3-5 weeks after conception has taken place but it can sometimes take as long as 8-10 weeks. The vaginal discharge will steadily increase if caused by pregnancy.

What is vaginal discharge like after conception?

its common to have slightly thick white discharge after conception but if you have irritation too then your most likely suffering form something like thrush i would advise that you go to your GP whether or not you have the irritation and ask about pregnancy and conception. it might be worth taking a pregnancy test and its up to you whether or not you do one at home or ask your GP to do one for you when you go and see them.

Why do male young dogs have excessive discharge from their penis?

Because they are teenagers and their hormones are going crazy.

What does it mean when you always have discharge?

It doesn't mean anything, most women or teenagers from aged 11 have discharge usually every day. It is perfectly normal to have discharge. But if it is concerning you or your discharge is really yellow and thick, you should see your doctor. hope this helped:)

If conception takes place will your cervical mucus always stay thick and creamy or will it get thinner before it gets thick and creamy?

Hello. It varies in every woman what the cervical mucus looks like. Its usually white and similar to ovulation discharge. Cervical discharge increases daily or every few days, once conception has taken place.

Is having clear discharge for two weeks after sexual activity a sign of pregnancy?

Hi I am 6 weeks pregnant and yes I had clear watery discharge from the time of conception until now .As long as it dont have a smell it is normal pregnancy discharge,using a pantyliner will catch the discharge.I hope I helped. sherrey

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How soon do your secretions change during pregnancy?

Vaginal secretions occur usually within 2 weeks of conception but it can take as long as 6 weeks before you will notice a increase in vaginal secretions and discharge.

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