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Q: Do teeth fall out during dental braces removal?
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What are teeth braces used for?

Teeth Braces or Dental Braces (orthodontic braces/braces) are used to align and straighten teeth. The application is for cosmetic appearance and overall dental health.

What year were braces invented?

Dental braces were invented in the year 400BC. This was a very long time ago. Dental braces are used to straighten out the teeth.

What is dental procedure D7210?

Surgical Removal of Teeth

Do braces pull teeth out of the Dental Alveolus?

no they do not... i don't think they do atleast:)

Can you get dental implants with braces on?

Yes you can. I have braces on the top row of my teeth I have a missing molar. The implant is needed to prevent the teeth from shifting again.

Do you have to get braces if candy hurts your teeth?

Not necessarily. If candy hurts your teeth, odds are that you have cavities and need some dental work, but not specifically braces.

What causes white marks on teeth?

The sulfur in caffiene when you have dental work (usually braces)

Is there any place that does free wisdom teeth removal?

Dental COLLEGES (but it's done by dental STUDENTS).

How do you get glue off your teeth from dental braces?

You use a toothbrush or toothpaste. You can also go to the dentist

What are these dental impressions used for and are they necessary?

dental impressions . well they are a mold of your teeth . the molds get sent off to some company . they make a set of braces to fit your teeth perfectly

Which is better' lingual dental braces that are placed on the inside of the teeth or the clear ceramic dental braces?

Lingual dental braces are the preferred option for people who want their braces to be truly invisible. The biggest drawback of lingual braces is that they can be uncomfortable and result in cuts and sores in your tongue. Speaking can be difficult at first too. On the other hand, ceramic braces are less visible and look more natural than metal braces, as they blend in with the teeth. Ceramic dental braces do not stain, and are as strong as metal ones. However, ceramic braces require a longer treatment time and can be a good deal more expensive than the metal variety.

How do dental braces shape deformed teeth development?

they painfully twist and pull roots down where they are supposed to be

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