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No. Custody means the child lives with you. Support means you are paying the parent who has custody.

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2010-06-05 03:25:12
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Q: Do temporary child support and temporary custody mean the same thing?
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Is it legal to pay a parent to relinquish custody of a child in Texas?

No, because it is considered bribing, and even if you could, I doubt a parent would give up a child for money if they are suing or have custody in the first place. If you want said child, you can sue for custody of the child. If you cannot gain custody, then the next best thing to do is sue for visitation.It's not legal to pay a parent to relinquish custody of a child in any state! But if the parent in question has a child support award, he or she will be free of paying child support or being in any way responsible for the child from that day forward.

If no custody has been establish can you get your child on visitation and decide to not bring them back wjile you file for custody?

Technically in cases where there is no order of custody possesion is 9/10ths of the law IF both parents are legally recognized to be parents (i.e. have signed the birth certificate). However if one parent has had primary physical custody of the child following a separation and has been responsible for the majority of the care for the child the court may not look kindly on the other parent hijacking custody. The best thing to do is file for temporary custody before actually keeping the child.

Can an unemployed wife in Florida get alimony and spousal support if she has two small children and is pregnant with the third child?

Alimony and Spousal Support are the same thing. If you're awarded custody of the children, you'll receive child support. But alimony has nothing to do with whether or not you have children.

Do you have to pay child support if you pay alimony?

Yes you do have to pay it but if you want the cheapest deal just pay Child Support There is no such thing as the "cheapest deal" - this is not Walmart. Child support, as the term implies, is support of the child[ren]. Alimony or spousal maintenance is temporary support of the ex spouse, until s/he can become self-sufficient. They are two entirely different things.

Do you have to pay child support if the mother has full custody?

Of course you do, at least in most cases. It's still your kid and you must provide financial support for the child until he/she is 18 or as the court decides. Pay up, it's the right thing to do. Don't be a deadbeat.

What can you do if you cannot afford an attorney and you want to fight for custody of your child?

Who has custody now? Did you ever have custody? Can you and the custodial person agree on a change of custody without a court fight? What state do you live in? Are you paying child support?As you can imagine there are too many questions rolled up in this one question to answer here. One thing is almost certain: If you can't come to a amicable agreement with the present custodian you will need a lawyer.

Is adultery grounds for obtaining child custody?

Probably not but it could be a factor depending on the circumstances of the adultery. Adultery is grounds for divorce in those states that involve "fault divorces" and can even play a role in spousal support, but child custody is totally different. When determining child custody, the most important thing to the court is looking to what arrangement is in the best interest of the child. Courts will seek to establish a situation in which the child can see both parents and provide stability to the child. If the cheating spouse is living in a morally questionable situation, then that would be a factor but otherwise, it will not be a single grounds for obtaining child custody.

How does one become a child custody lawyer?

a child custody lawyer is the same thing as a child advocate lawyer sort of. they are just children lawyers that fight for the child that is involved in an issue. so you have to get your degree in child advocate lawyer but you have to major in something, the best thing to major in would be social work or phycology.

Is losing custody the same as terminating rights?

Not at all. Terminating parental rights is a court process by which you either voluntarily relinquish your parental rights or there is serious danger posed to your child such that the court does it without your consent. Either way, when parental rights are terminated, the parent has no more rights to the child. Losing custody can be a temporary thing and does not change your parental status.

Who pays support if the father is unemployed and in school?

The non custodial parent pays child support. If the father has custody of the child then the mother pays child support and vice versa. If the father is the non custodial parent and is in school he is still obligated to pay child support whether he is unemployed or not. The only thing that can relinquish a support order is if the parent is incarcerated and not receiving an income, if you sign over your rights ( which in some cases you might still be obligated to pay ) or if you die.

In Indiana if you are not allowed visitation and the child does not have your last name do you still have to pay child support?

Child custody and child support laws do vary from state to state, so please confirm the details of the law in your state by contacting a local court or attorney. One thing that is fairly consistent from state to state: a parent's financial responsibility for a child is separate from the right to visitation or custody and separate from the issue of the child's name. A non-custodial parent is not excused from the responsibility to support the child. A child's name is assigned at birth on the birth certificate. If the father is not present the mother can give the last name of the father on her own (or another) last name. The name has no bearing on either child support or custody. Simplest way to detemine obligation is, if there is a valid court order of support the non custodial parent is obligated to adhere to the terms of the support regardless of the circumstances involved. The non custodial parent has the option of filing a petition to have the order rescinded or amended, and requesting a paternity test if the parentage of the child is in question.

Is it possible for a father that has a history of abuse and a felony on his record to gain any type of custody?

if its taken to court and the mother has a clean record she will most likely get custody of the child and if the father does not pay child support he has no rights at all..(im going though this same thing in court) about the only way he can is if he proves that the mother is unfit

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