Do the Marine force recon marines learn hand to hand combat?

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Yes,it is a rule that you must learn martial arts in-order to be a marine.But some marines never did because the rule was issued after there time
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Why aren't the marines force recon in special operations command like SEALs and Special Forces?

Recon Marines are JTF (Joint Task Force) with SOCOM though they report directly to MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command). Because of all of the Intel flowing in to these organizations, they must be separate. These organizations make COMS (communications) with each other at all times in order ( Full Answer )

What is hand to hand combat?

Answer: . Hand to hand combat is the engagement of two or more combatants without the use of a firearm. this includes sword fighting, karate, etc,.

How can you get in Marine force recon?

In real life, volunteer and see if you can qualify for MOS 0326. (For the video game , see the related link.) --- If you are not enlisted yet, and you are signing up for enlistment (reserve cannot take this MOS): 1. Talk to your recruiter, all recruits coming out of boot camp are eligible for B ( Full Answer )

Who is better marine recon or navy seals?

First off, the two are very different. SEALs (SEa Air Land) are commandos and the product of the old UDTs with some help from President Kennedy. They are tough and can do anything anywhere. They are part of SpecWarCom and they do missions all over the globe. They're the first sent into a conflict ( Full Answer )

Does marine force recon go on special forces missions?

Marine Recon (Battalion and Force) definitely do Special Operation Missions just like any other special operations group such as SEAL, Green Beret, Ranger, Para-rescuer, Navy Combat Diver, SAS, etc. Of course all of these different units train for different functions, hence the reason why they ar ( Full Answer )

Why can't Marine Force Recon become SEALs?

Navy and Marine SpecOps forces personnel are dedicated to their respective branches; the biggest exceptions are aviation (Naval and Marine Corps aviators fly off of Navy carriers) and Navy Corpsmen, who serve as combat medics for the Marines. The Navy also provides the Chaplains, Doctors, Dentists a ( Full Answer )

How do you become a Recon Marine?

Typically, Recons start recruiting for candidates when recruits are still going through their basic advanced training. A number of candidates may be chosen to take the challenge and testing to see if they can make it. In general, the Recons will attempt to select from the infantry MOS category. Few ( Full Answer )

What is the monthly salary of a Marine in Combat?

They receive the basic pay based on their paygrade and length of service. See Link below for the tables. In addition, there is an additional Hostile Fire pay of $225 a month.

Who is better navy seal or marine force recon?

it is better for navy seal because they are on the sea, you must believe on them "Better" is a relative term. Both organizations have very important and different roles in protecting the United States.

Who is better Navy SEALs or Marine Recon?

Neither. Both units have their strengths and weaknesses. Recon Marines do just what their name suggests, reconnaissance. Their main job is to help gather actionable intelligence for military commanders, often behind enemy lines. They are not generally a direct action unit. They can perform direct ac ( Full Answer )

Who is better navy seals or marines force recon?

Explain to your MSgt why you can't carry a fellow with a pack through tear gas uphill for 4.2 miles without passing out, not to mention during an 18 hr fun-filled day on 2 hrs sleep and 0 food!. Seals get to swim. Semper Fidelis -- I salute... A: Navy SEALs, because Force ( Full Answer )

What is the marines recon?

The Marine Recon is the Marine special force like the navy SEALS just in the Marines it is called Recon.

What years were the Recon Marines deployed in Vietnam?

The Recon (Reconnaissance) Marines are US Marines; the US Marine Corps was deployed to Vietnam in 1965. Scout=Recon/Scouting=Reconnaissance.. Reconnaissance=gathering information. Military information=Military intelligence

What do Force Recon Marine Officers do?

Force Recon Officers are typically not the Gung-Ho soldier fighting the battle, but more of a command/logistics organizer back at base. The Marines put a strong emphasis on leadership, so usually a enlisted Sergent will be the one leading the Recon team on missions. However, officers usually will be ( Full Answer )

What is US Marine Force Recon?

Marine Force Recon is a branch of MARSOC (Marine Special OperationsCommand) and their job is to locate HVT's (High Value Targets) andother threats for the main infantry. There is no question about it,they are the most elite fighters in the United States. Many saythat Navy SEALs are more elite, but t ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between Marine Force Recon and US Marine Corps Forces Special Operations command?

MARSOC was established on Feb 24 2006 and is part of USSOCOM, United States Special Operations Command. MARSOC is 1 of the 5 Special Forces part of SOCOM. AFSOC, ASOC, MARSOC, NAVSPECWARCOM, JSOC MARSOC trains, organizes, equips, and when directed by CDRUSSOCOM deploys organized Marine Special Oper ( Full Answer )

What can you do to train for marine force recon?

Preparation for 0321 Marine Force Recon You need to prepare yourself physically, and most importantly, mentally. It doesn't matter how physically fit you are, instructors can break you and continue to ride you if your spirit is broken. 1. Run a LOT! 2. Swim a LOT! 3. Get over any fear of h ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the USMC and the marine force recon?

The U.S.M.C. is a branch of the U.S. military, and the Marine Force Recon is an extremely small part of the Marine Corps Recon division. Its like the Corps Navy SEALS...only takes alot of hard work, dedication, and a massive amount of motivation...and even with all that there's still a H ( Full Answer )

How is marine combat training?

Very hard. Some days you only get like 4 hours of sleep. Weapons training,tactical drills,field demo's for live combat...etc.

Do marine Officers go in combat?

yes Marine officers to go in combat. Atleast mine did Yes. If a Marine officer's job takes them and their Marines into harms way, they will go into combat regardless of his military occupational specialty (MOS). Every Marine is a rifleman. Every Marine officer is trained as an infantry officer firs ( Full Answer )

Do the marines have to pay for their combat uniforms?

Yes, unlike the Army who are given their first set of uniforms,Marines' have to pay for their first set of uniforms. That is whatthe "smart" card is for. The smart card is like a military chargecard directly linked to your pay. In the Marine Corps you pay foreverything. It's worth noting that you p ( Full Answer )

How many Marines are there in a Marine Expeditionary Force?

Sizes vary with the structure and the structure varies depending on the needs of the mission. A Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) is the largest Building Block currently used in the Marine Corps and consists of a Marine Division, a Marine Logistics Group and a Marine Aircraft Wing. It may consist of ( Full Answer )

What is the difference marine force recon training and navy seals?

The SEALs obviously are more versatile in their missions but other than that not very much except for marines you must have your first enlistment which is four years before you can join and now its called MARSOC which is attached to socom and marines are the only branch whom can be activated without ( Full Answer )

Marines let women in combat?

unfortunatly no, they say women just arn't physically as tough and shouldn't be in the front lines with men, possibly the closest thing to combat maybe is a MP (military police) i am 17 and and just signed up, if i had the chance to be in infantry and pass evey single physical test they throw my way ( Full Answer )

What is force recon bravo marines?

Force Recon Bravo Marines are part of the reconnaissance force of the Marine Corp and Bravo is the unit designation. They even have their own website for the Marines in that unit to meet together on the web. This is a description of the work of the recon men which I found on a site for military ques ( Full Answer )

Who is better in recon Navy or Marines on land?

Considering that the marines are always the first to respond, they may be considered better in recon then the navy in general. However, the navy SEAL's may be considered better than the marines in genreal since the SEAL's are special ops.

Who is better navy seal or marine force recon marine?

the navel seals are the most "elite" task force in the US. no one compares to the training that the seals do. the Marine force recon have intense training, but the fact is that the seals endure much more pain and stress on the body.

Why aren't the Marines' Force Recon in Special Operations Command like SEALs and Special Forces?

Marine Force and Battalion Recon report to Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) with their reports and requests. SEAL's report to Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC), as well as SOCOM depending on if they are JTF with NATO forces. Every branch of the military that has special operators ( Full Answer )

Do snipers get hand to hand combat training?

All combat troops get hand to hand training. You can also study different fighting styles. Anyone who is interested in joining the military and persuing a combat role for any length of time I would recommend you study several martial arts. Try not to focus on competition styles. Study hard, be serio ( Full Answer )

What is harder navy seals or marines recon?

Both jobs are extremely demanding. One person who qualifies as a SEAL might consider a Marine recon unit to be tougher, yet would always consider themselves the best. The Marine recon team would also feel the same way. Such pride is expected in their teams and expected. As to fact, it depends on the ( Full Answer )

How do you paint iron hands space marines?

very carefully and calmy try to use a stencil (however its spelled) this is always best because otherwise you might mess up dont use your hands because hands can be very shaky and you dont wanna be shaking when you do it because that can ruin you painting forever one mistake that people commonly ma ( Full Answer )

Is it possible for navy seals to transition to the marines force recon?

Probably, but you wouldn't want to, often guys go from Force Recon to SEALs. SEALs are the top, if someone wanted to stop operating, they would transition to a job still involved with the Navy Special Warfare community, not to another branch or to a different community, you don't go through the thin ( Full Answer )

What is the pay difference between an E-4 marine and an E-4 marine force recon?

The basic pay difference between a Corporal and a Corporal is just that. Nothing. The base pay for an E-4 (as of 2012) is between $1,947 and $2,363 depending on how many years of service he or she has. It doesn't matter if the Marine is a Scout Sniper or a potato peeler. However, there are some dif ( Full Answer )

How can someone become a Recon Marine?

The United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance companies are developed using the Mission Training Plan in which they must complete basic courses (the Accession pipeline) followed by specialization through such things as Army Ranger School, the Static Line Jumpmaster School, etc.