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The first toast is done by the best man, always. Thereafter, any toast can be made and they should be considered a compliment of love by any who make them, that is as long as they are tactful. Traditions will be different depending on the country you live in but in the UK, it's not usually expected that the Groom's Parents will make a toast. The order for UK wedding speeches is normally, Father of the Bride, Groom then Best Man.

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Q: Do the groom's parents usually make a toast at a wedding reception?
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Who pays for wedding reception drinks?

Grooms Parents

What does the grooms parents pay for durning the wedding?

Traditionally, The grooms parents payed for all flowers for the wedding and reception, alcohol for the reception, the bridal shower, and the honeymoon. Modernly, the bride and groom pay for their own wedding but may happily accept contributions from family if they are offered.

Is it the brides parents responsibility to get the grooms parents to the reception?

No. They get themselves there.

How far before the wedding should the grooms family give a cash gift?

The grooms family can either give the bride and groom their gift before the wedding; at the reception or even after the reception.

Who should pay the bar bill a wedding reception?

Grooms family

What do the grooms parents pay for in a wedding?

The dinner before the wedding.........

What are the responsibilities of the groom's parents?

Traditionally the groom's parents are responsible for any alcohol for the wedding reception, all wedding flowers, and the honeymoon. Today most brides and grooms are paying for their own wedding but monetary gifts are welcomed from family.

What changes when the Grooms parents pay for wedding?

what does the groom parents pay for at a traditional wedding

When do you give a brides gift?

You take the bride and grooms give to the wedding reception and there is a table in the reception hall where all gifts are placed.

Do the grooms parents play a part in the wedding?

yes. they usally pay for the wedding.

Who should pay for a wedding of a mother of two children who has never been married?

Historically, the bride's family paid for everything but the flowers for both wedding and reception, alcohol for the reception, bridal shower, and honeymoon which the grooms parents are responsible for. In modern times however the bride and groom usually pay for their own wedding and happily accept contributions from family if offered.

Do the grooms parents go in wedding a car?

No, they should not accompany the groom in the wedding car.

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