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The first toast is done by the best man, always. Thereafter, any toast can be made and they should be considered a compliment of love by any who make them, that is as long as they are tactful. Traditions will be different depending on the country you live in but in the UK, it's not usually expected that the Groom's Parents will make a toast. The order for UK wedding speeches is normally, Father of the Bride, Groom then Best Man.

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Who pays for wedding reception drinks?

Grooms Parents

What does the grooms parents pay for durning the wedding?

Traditionally, The grooms parents payed for all flowers for the wedding and reception, alcohol for the reception, the bridal shower, and the honeymoon. Modernly, the bride and groom pay for their own wedding but may happily accept contributions from family if they are offered.

How far before the wedding should the grooms family give a cash gift?

The grooms family can either give the bride and groom their gift before the wedding; at the reception or even after the reception.

Is it the brides parents responsibility to get the grooms parents to the reception?

No. They get themselves there.

Who should pay the bar bill a wedding reception?

Grooms family

What are the responsibilities of the groom's parents?

Traditionally the groom's parents are responsible for any alcohol for the wedding reception, all wedding flowers, and the honeymoon. Today most brides and grooms are paying for their own wedding but monetary gifts are welcomed from family.

What do the grooms parents pay for in a wedding?

The dinner before the wedding.........

What changes when the Grooms parents pay for wedding?

what does the groom parents pay for at a traditional wedding

Who should pay for a wedding of a mother of two children who has never been married?

Historically, the bride's family paid for everything but the flowers for both wedding and reception, alcohol for the reception, bridal shower, and honeymoon which the grooms parents are responsible for. In modern times however the bride and groom usually pay for their own wedding and happily accept contributions from family if offered.

When do you give a brides gift?

You take the bride and grooms give to the wedding reception and there is a table in the reception hall where all gifts are placed.

Do the grooms parents play a part in the wedding?

yes. they usally pay for the wedding.

Do the grooms parents go in wedding a car?

No, they should not accompany the groom in the wedding car.

What contribution should the grooms parents make to the wedding?

Anything you or the grooms parents feel comfortable with maybe a honeymoon present. If they step in too much just ask them who's wedding is this

What does the groom's family pay for?

Traditionally the grooms family pays for all flowers for the wedding and reception, all alcohol for the reception, the bridal shower, and the honeymoon.

Do you send wedding card to bride and grooms house or to the reception?

* You take the wedding card (with perhaps money inside) or put it on the gift and leave it on a special gift table for the bride and groom at the reception.

What do the bride's parents give as a wedding gift?

Traditionally... Their brides primary gift is the reception. The grooms family provides the honeymoon. Anything beyond those two gifts is considered "bonus".

If the grooms parents are divorced how do you seat them at the wedding?

Away from each other.

Should the brides' parents send a note to the grooms parents after the wedding to thank them for giving the wedding?

Sure. That would be lovely.

What does grooms father wear to wedding-?

A groom's father usually wears formal clothing to the wedding.

What traditionally are the grooms parents responsible to pay for during the wedding planning and wedding?

Typically they pay for the rehersal dinner only.

Is wedding breakfast mandatory for grooms parents?

No it is not mandatory. Some parents (could be the bride to be's parents) may have the groom, bride, their parents and the wedding party out for dinner in the evening a few days before the wedding, but this is not mandatory either.

What do the grooms parents do in a wedding?

Traditionally the groom's parents are in charge for the rehearsal dinner, their own wedding attire (including the groom's), and the couple's gift. It really just depends on the brides and grooms families financial situation. That's something you want to get worked out at the beginning of planning your wedding, who is paying for what.

What do the grooms parents pay for during the wedding?

Traditionally, the grooms side pays for the band and flowers. All other expenses are to be paid by the bride's family.

What are the grooms parents responsible for paying?

In American culture, the groom's parents are generally expected to provide hospitality for all the wedding participants (bridesmaids, grromsmen, and their partners) the night before the wedding. This usually takes the form of a "rehearsal dinner" evening party.

Do the groom's parents pay for the wedding flowers?

There are no particular rules regarding this, despite the list in the wedding books. You should discuss costs of the wedding with your intended.Where as it is tradition of the brides parents to pay for the entire wedding (this includes wedding flowers) the grooms parents may offer to pay for something such as wedding flowers. It may seem rude to reject such a generous gift. With that said, there is no obligation for the grooms parents to pay for anything.AnswerIf either set of parents wishes to pay for any portion of wedding expenses, they will offer it to the couple. Unless/until that happens, the couple is on their own.