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On vehicles with Daytime Running Lights, (DRL) yes.

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Q: Do the head lights come on when car is running?
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Why do your head lights on 1987 grand prix turn of when car is running?

Because the car is equipped with daytime running lights

How do you turn off the head lights while car running 98 aroura?


Why car run mostly keeping head lights on?

The head lights are called running lights and they make a car more visible to other drivers. This is really true if it is a light colored car and if people are using two lane roads at dusk.

Does the daytime running lights on a 1999 Grand Prix come on when you start the car or when it is put in gear?

The lights come on when you start the car. They will not come on if you have the park brake on. Once you release the park brake they will come on immediately.

What could be the problem if the stop and tail lights do not come on but the head lights doon a 1992 Infinity Q45?

does your car has a separate fuse for the tail light? do the lights come on when you hit the brake.

How do you turn on the running lights in a 1994 Crown Victoria?

They come on when you start the car. If not, check the fuse, or the module could be burnt out in the front of the car.

When the foot brake is pressed which lights must come on?

The red ones in the rear of the car. Note: They are separate from and next to the red lights that are on constantly when you turn your head lights on.

Your service light comes on only when daytime running lights are on?

Well, the daytime running lights are on whenever the car is running and in gear. They're off when you have the headlights on. So, your service light Doesn't come on when the headlights are on?? If you switch the headlights between on and off (with the car running and in gear) does the service light follow?

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable the daytime running lights will not come on when you start the car you took it to the dealer and they said they were working fine how do you turn them on?

As soon as the engine is started and the emergency / parking brake is released the daytime running lights are supposed to come on

Why are they called head and tail lights?

cause the head lights r one the head of the car, the front and the taillights are on the back of the car also known as the tails

I have 95 Nissan altiam that wont start the i my head lights brake lights and interor light works but none of my dash lights come on widows don't work and my car wont even start or crank?

there is a short in the relay for the head lights

Why do head lights stay on when car is off?

There are many reasons why a head light would stay on when car is off. These lights could be automatic.

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