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No, a new one is constructed for each nesting.

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Q: Do the western tanager use the same nest each year?
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Do sparrows use the same nest year after year?

No they build a new nest for each brood. However they may use the same nest site year after year.

Will mallard and wood ducks nest in the same pond?

No, they make a new nest each year.

Will robins use the same nest twice?

No. They build a new nest each year because of safety, health, and instinct reasons.

Do bees nest in the same place each year?

Bees do not specifically nest in the same place each year. The queen migrates when the colony dies off in the winter. However, bee colonies might pick similar areas.

Do bluebirds use the same nest for their second brood?

No. They make a new one for each brood but if you take out the old nest after the young have left the nest they may make a new in that birdhouse.

Will a flycatcher return to its same nest year after year if the nest has not been disturbed?

It depends on species but territories are generally held by males and they return to the same territory each year, if they can fight-off competitors. The same hen turning-up is far from guaranteed, but re-use of a successful nest-site is quite possible. Disturbance of the old nest is not relevant.

Do doves use the same nest for succeeding broods?

No. Doves and pigeons build new nests for each brood.

Do house martins use the same nest each year?

Some people tend to take the nests down each year. If they don't like their current nest, I'm sure they will be able to make a new one! Hope this helps.

What do you do if your two mice are making a nest?

Separate them if they can't get a long, they might seriously hurt each other. Why are they fighting? Are they of the same sex? Of incompatible personality types (each one wants to be the leader)?

Will a wild rabbit use the same nest. we found a rabbit nest and the bunnies grew up so will the mother use the same nest for her next litter. thanks?

No... shell have a nother nest to have when she has a next litter. Because she would want her bunnies that are born to have that nest.

What kind of nest does a bald eagle make in Alaska?

Same as they do wherever they are found. A large collection of sticks and limbs, added on to each year.

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