Do they have to tell you when your car is being repossessed and how do you know if a repo was handled wrong?

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2011-09-13 01:51:49
2011-09-13 01:51:49

Mary, only ONE state where they have to tell you they are gonna repo, and that's when the sheriff knocks on your door. (WI) 8 states have some type of "right to cure letter" with a time period to go with it. But even those states allow 'self help" repos after the letter and time period.Usually you know you are GONNA be repoed after the lender calls every other day wanting to know when you will pay current, ect. Very few people realize that they should take ALL their PP out of the car then and just use it for free transportation. Most continue to keep various articles of PP and/or household belongings in the car. If you had posted your state, I could have given you more specific answers. Good Luck

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