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yes the do they are on weekdays @ 1pm and 1 30pm and sometimes it is Invader ZIM

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When will they show reruns of Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon?

Actually, they already do on NickToons.

Why don't they show reruns of Jimmy Neutron?

they do show jimmy at like 8 in the morning or it could be Danny phantom or you can watch it on a channel called NickToons

Where town does Jimmy Neutron live in in the show Jimmy Neutron?


Who is the voice of jimmy nuetron?

The voice of Jimmy Neutron is Debi DerryBerry. She is the voice of Jimmy in the hit TV show Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius.

Who would win Dexter from Dexter's laboratory show or jimmy neutron?


Why did they end the show Jimmy Neutron?

To Much Money

Where does Jimmy live in the show Jimmy neutron?

i believe he lives in retroville - the emo girl

What was the last jimmy Neutron show?

The last Jimmy Neutron Show was on November 17 2006 called Lady Sings The News which was about the children's parents becoming substitute teachers and Jimmy is sinking the subs and also Jimmy and his friends are live as newscasters.

What is the last episode of jimmy neutron?

"El Magnifico / Best in Show"

Is the character Sheen from the show Jimmy Neutron based on Charlie Sheen?


Where can you buy Jimmy Neutron episodes?

I am not sure. Jimmy Neutron has been around for a long time. So I bought them on websites like, or But if it is in stock at stores I would look at stores like Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Blockbuster and Toy's R Us. I love the show Jimmy Neutron but it was canceled not by popularity but by something else I guess shows have to end some time. The Year was 2006 when it was canceled. Even though the show is canceled they still replay old episodes on channels like Nick, Nick 2 and Nicktoons Network. So try to enjoy old episodes and its fun to watch old episodes.

What is the little kid TV show about the guy who has a space ship?

Jimmy neutron?

What or who is jimmy neutron?

jimmy neutron is a character created by Nickelodeon that is a a kid genius and has extremely idiotic friends when ever jimmy has a idea he thinks is brilliant he goes with it and it always back fires hes a know it all and is secretly loves Cindy vortex it is a kids show but it was canceled how did they make them He was also named after scientist, James Chadwick. Jimmy is short for James and he discovered the Neutron. Jimmy Neutron is also named after Isaac Newton (Jimmy's middle name is Isaac).

What was that tv show with the space boy with tall curvy brown hair and he has a robot dog and it's a cartoon show?

Jimmy Neutron

What TV show is based on Albert Einstein?

jimmy neutron is based on albert Einstein from his smarticles and science.

Do they still show Invader Zim on cable?

They do, but you can only see it if you have Choice. Its on the Nicktoons channel, not Nickelodeon.

Is avatar the last air bender the tv show still on tv?

Yes. You can watch on NickToons.

What are the release dates for The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - 2002 El Magnifico Best in Show 3-19?

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius - 2002 El Magnifico Best in Show 3-19 was released on: USA: 25 November 2006

Does Fairly OddParents still air on Nickelodeon?

The show ended its run in July 2017 but reruns still air on Nickelodeon & nicktoons.

Why don't they show Dragon Ball Z again?

They do still show it. It was remade and called Dragon Ball Z Kai. They play it on Nicktoons.

In the show Planet Sheen do you think Jimmy will come and end up saving Sheen?

probably not . Planet sheen is awsome anyway. its good that they got rid of Jimmy Neutron.

Why was planet sheen cancelled?

I don't really know, but it was a really cool and funny show. I liked better than Jimmy Neutron.

Who does Cindy love best timmy or jimmy?

I would say...Jimmy Cuz cindy has only been through with timmy in only 3 movies,so for obvious reasons it's the show "Jimmy Neutron" that cindy is in most.

Who is smarter Jimmy Neutron or Dexter?

Jimmy Neutron is a Boy Genius after all. I understand that he has the ugliest hairstyle, but Dexter is a stupid and worthless short guy and his animation is based only on 2-D imaging, rather thant Jimmy Neutron's 3-D imaging. I watched one episode as a kid and I absolutely hate the show Dexter. Although the new HBO show, Dexter is pretty good.

What tv show was the little jingle that went something like -library we've got the dictionary on CD- on?

jimmy neutron!