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Do they use cell phones in china?

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Yes, yes they do. I believe if you have seen Karate Kid the remake...

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What is the use of China cell phones?

China cell phones are cheaper versions of the brand name phones. They are almost always cheaper and claim to be good quality. They aren't recommended by a lot of cell phone dealers because of safety concerns.

How do cell phones use electricity?

cell phones use electricity by the electrical wires outside

A funny cell joke?

What kind of phones do prisoners use? ''cell phones''

What are uses of cell phones?

The use of cell phones is to communicate with each other....

How did the first people use phones?

they did not have cell phones

How are cell phones manufactured?

in china mostly in bejeing or California

What does China do to help France?

They make us cell phones!!

Countries that use cell phones the most?

USA uses the most cell phones

How does a cell phone use electromagnets?

cell phones use electromagnets by ..........

Do Blackberry phones use the same chargers as other cell phones?

No, they do not have the same charger as all other cell phones but a Blackberry charger will be similar to some cell phones.

Are most accidents caused by use of cell phones?

Yes just about 66% of people die with the use of cell phones

How many people use their cell phones as alarm clocks?

8.7% or people use their cell phones as alarm clocks.

Why should you use your cell phones in class?

None pupil can use cell phones in class. The reason is simple to understand.

Whey are phones called cell phones?

Because they use cell towers to transmit calls.

How do cell phones affect people today?

they could use their cell phones to cheat on a test

Do all Chinese mobile phones use SIM cards?

Well . There are two major mobile carriers. One is called China Mobile, and cell phones with their service usually use sim cards. And the other one is called China Unicom, and they are using CDMA which does not use sim cards.

How do people communicate in Chile?

They use phones and cell phones and they have mail.

Why do you have cell phones?

so that we can easily communicate with others while on the go. If we didn't have cell phones, then we would have to use house phones or payphones.

Do blind people use cellphones?

Not all blind people use cell phones but I bet at least 40% of blind people use cell phones.

Should people be allowed to use cell phones on the subway?

people should use their cell phones in public because the have the right to.duhhh

How many cell phones?

As of December 2008, there are 271,000,000 cell phones in the U.S., about 88 percent of the population.In the world, there are 4,100,000,000 cell phones in use.For a full list of countries and number of cell phones, see related links.

What percentage of 13 year olds have cell phones?

94% have cell phones.most use incase of emergencies

What cell phones have the loudest ringers?

Various versions of the China made mobile phones have loudest ringtones. They are basically copy of various cell models from known companies.

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