Do toads eat donuts?


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No, toads do not eat donuts.

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Small Toads eat Insects. the same thing That big Toads Eat

Baby toads eat the same things that big toads eat. They eat insects.

Yes. Toads will eat anything that fits in their mouths as long as it moves first.

Toads eat insects, worms, slugs, snails and spiders. Large toads can eat small mammals such as mice.

no toads do not eat tree fogs

No, toads don't eat grass.

toads don't eat rabbits

toads eat insects, such as crickets.... you can get them at pet smart

I eat 2-10 donuts a year.

they can eat donuts.....they like donuts...they look cute eating donuts...but i wouldn't give them only donuts to eat...much better if they ate nuts and seeds....but once in a while probably won't hurt them....

Yes some cops eat donuts and others do not. Just like some humans eat donuts while others do not.

Homer loves to eat donuts. Many of the other characters in the Simpsons love to eat donuts, but Homer is the main character we see eating donuts.

toads eat a variety of insects, frogs do as well.

NO because toads only eat living thing !

Well toads drink water and toads eat insects and maybe vegetables it depends what specie

No. Toads are carnivores. They eat insects.

Toads and frogs eat insects and even their own tadpoles.

No. Horned Toads eat ants, termites, and beetles.

Yes, owls will eat Toads. Both Owls and Hawks will eat insects, toads, frogs, snakes, mice, voles, rats, and shrews.

Cane toads do eat spiders. They mostly eat insects. They will eat whatever they can fit I their mouths like snails, small frogs, and other cane toads.

Toads do not eat plants. They eat other insects. When they are tadpoles they eat plants but switch when they are no longer tadpoles.

They also eat worms and other invertebrates, they also eat insects.Yes, Toads do eat slugs.

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