Do today's tv need antenna

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The TV needs to be connected to something that provides the signal that you're going to watch. That can be a cable from your cable company, a satellite dish, an antenna, or just a DVD player if everything you want to watch is on DVDs.

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Q: Do today's tv need antenna
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Related questions

Do you need an antenna for a digital television?

You will need a antenna if you don't have cable or Satellite.

Do you need a digital tv if you install a digital antenna?

No you do not need a digital tv if you have a digital antenna. But you will need a digital to analog converter box if you have an analog tv and a digital antenna.

Do I need an HDTV antenna separately?

No, you do not need a separate HDTV antenna unless you are using the antenna to get your channels. If you have cable TV, then the antenna is not necessary.

Do you need an antenna if you have a tv with an atsc tuner?

All tv sets need an antenna if your not connected to cable or satellite.

What do you need to hook up new tv to outdoor antenna?

You will need a tv antenna and a coaxial lead in wire with connectors.

Do you need any antenna for a tv with a digital tuner?

All TV sets need a signal input of some type. If you are using Cable TV than you have no need for an antenna in addition. If you don't use Cable, then you'll need an antenna of some time, either a Satellite TV antenna, or to pick up broadcast TV stations, roof top antenna or rabbit ears might be all you need.

How do you remove an old tv antenna on your roof?

To remove an old television antenna from your roof, you will need a ladder and a screw driver. You'll need to go up to the roof and unhook the antenna.

Does HDTV require an antenna or not?

HDTV does require an antenna. However, if you are using an antenna on your existing television there is no need to go out and purchase another. HDTV's do not require a special antenna.

Do I need a new HD TV antenna?

You don't have to purchase a new HD TV antenna. You can purchase any type of antenna and it will work on a HDTV as well as any other television. The television is not the issue.

What tv and antenna do you need to replace old analog you live in apt in NYC and have no cable satellite or outside antenna?

You don't need a new TV or antenna. You need a Digital Converter Box. Go to a Radio Shack, Circuit City or Best Buy. Connect your old antenna to the converter box, connect the converter box to your old TV...all will be well.

Why TV antenna need to point to south?

The tv antenna should point toward the broadcast station's transmitter tower. South has nothing to do with it.

Just bought a Craig CLC501 tv does this tv need an antenna to get digital signal I can't get any signal at all?

All TVs need a antenna of some type whether it be a set of rabbit ears, a roof top antenna, cable or sat. decoder.

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