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Do toes have names like fingers do?


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Yes, they do ... from Medial to Lateral:

* Big toe

* Index toe

* Middle toe

* 4th Toe

* Little Toe - aka "pinky toe"

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The bones of the fingers are carpals (hence carpal tunnel syndrome), and the bones in-between the wrists and fingers are metacarpals. The bones of the toes are tarsals and the bones in-between then toes and ankles are metatarsals. Huzzah!

Phalanges, or a single one is called a phalanx.

Phalangesphalanges is the fingers and toes

Toes- dita dei piedi Fingers- dita Fingers and toes- mani e dei piedi

The toes do not have names like the fingers do. It would be simpler to just refer to this toe as your second toe.

That depends on who's fingers and toes. Mine are fair complected with freckles and almost invisible hairs on the base of the digits.

you have five fingers and toes to help you balance.

The bones of fingers and toes are called phalanges.

Fingers and toes are no doubt composed of cells and tissues.

The bones of the fingers and toes are called phalanges.

Six toes, six fingers. A two-toed sloth has six toes, four fingers. It has three toes and three fingers

fingers, toes and butt fingers, toes and butt

Ok.... I have 10 toes and 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.

An acanthostega has about 8 fingers and 6-7 toes.

You have ten fingers normally. In your feet you have toes and not fingers. The maximum number of fingers are not decided. In some languages like Marathi, you call toes also as fingers of feet. In Marathi language you call he or she to denote male and female animals.

got 10 fingers and 10 toes this is a weird question I will sing to you about my toes and fingers;D

at night i have painful cramping and sometimes numbness in my fingers and toes

Syndactyly is joined or webbed fingers or toes.

The Greek word for fifteen fingers or toes is Pentadecadactyl.

Syndactyly is the medical term meaning webbed or joined fingers or toes. Dactyl- is one of the medical terms meaning fingers or toes.

Many species of animals do not have fingers or even toes. Very few animal species have fingers. Horses have hooves, but no fingers. Worms have no appendages, nor do snakes. Snails have feet (or a sort) but no toes. Birds have toes, but no fingers. Fish have no fingers. Insects have no fingers.

Chipmunks have four fingers. Their back legs have five toes. Their relative the squirrel has five fingers like a human.

"Phalanges" is the technical name for the bones that form the fingers and toes. In common usage, they are your fingers and toes.

The fingers on the body are used for feeling and holding. The function of the toes on the body are for balance.

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