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Tomatoes are fruit which develop at the base of flowers on tomato plants, this occurs above ground level.

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Q: Do tomatoes grow over or under ground?
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Does lettuce grow on ground or tree?

Lettuce is a ground plant A lot of lettuce is grown under massive poly tunnels in Spain, for export all over Europe

Is it better to be over or under ground during an earthquake?

on ground if you were under you would be buried alive

What does Illinois grow?

It grows corn soybeans hay tomatoes and over 500 more different crops.

Does corn on the cob grow in the ground?

No, it grows on a stem, which can grow to over 7 feet tall.

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How has potatoes been developed over the years?

potatoes have been change over the years by the different source of ground or soil they have been grown in. For example for many generations we usually have grown them in manufactured soils meaning that the potatoes we eat can grow in varies of sizes. And they devolpe under the ground.

What did people in ne wjersey make or grow?

New Jersey is famous for, among other things, growing fresh vegetables, tomatoes in particular. New Jersey tomatoes are known all over the country for their superior size and flavor, whether they are common tomatoes, or heirloom varieties.

How are tinned peeled tomatoes peeled?

Tomatoes are blanched under sprayed boiling water as they roll over an abrasive belt. The hot water loosens the skin making it easier to lift off.

Where in the world are tomatoes grown?

tomatoes are grown in countries all over the world

When tomatoes grow over the cages do you have to tie them up?

When the tomato plant grows over the top of your tomato cage, simply let them fall down over the sides. It will make picking the fruits much easier.

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