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Yes, just as long as the tooth is/ was obtained by the dentist. Parent's can also have pocession of the tooth for safe keeping and make exchange with the Tooth Fairies.

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Q: Do tooth fairies come when people don't leave their tooth under their pillow?
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Why do you have to put your tooth under your pillow when you lose your tooth?

So the tooth fairy can come and gather it and leave you something nice under your pillow in exchange.

What to do with a lose tooth?

when you lose a tooth you put it under you pillow and the tooth fairy will leave some money:)

Does the toothfairy leave money for animal?

No,the toothfairy should only leave some money for a tooth under the pillow Also never put a animal under the pillow When your pet has lost a tooth,please visit a veterinarian

How can you get the tooth fairy to take your tooth away?

Leave a note on the door, saying: "Dear Tooth Fairy, i have left a tooth under my pillow, please, take it"

When does the tooth fairy come?

The Tooth Fairy comes when you lose a tooth. You leave it under your pillow and he comes and takes it and gives you money or some type of other gift.

Are tooth fairies ugly?


Should I leave broken tooth in the gym?

Best to throw it away or keep it. Don't leave it there.HumourTry ptting it under your pillow. You never know the tooth fairy might visit!

Do flower fairies make you fly?

Some of the fairies can make us fly.The fairies are tooth fairies.

What do they have in Spain instead of the tooth fairy?

In Spain, Raton Perez, or the Perez Mouse, is the equivalent to the tooth fairy. As in America, children leave their tooth under the pillow in the hopes that the Perez Mouse will take it and leave a gift for them while they sleep.

Are there African tooth fairies?

no there is no African tooth fairy there is no tooth fairy at all

Are tooth fairies real because you have a loose tooth?

Not real.

Is there only one tooth fairy?

there are lots of tooth fairies

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