Do turkeys lay eggs?

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Yes, they do.
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How many eggs can a turkey lay?

Turkeys lay from early spring to early summer, a span of about 4months. During that time the turkey will lay 12-18 eggs and thensit on them. If you collect their eggs they wil

How long after mating do turkeys lay eggs?

The average turkey will lay 110 to 115 eggs in a 28/30 week period.. The gobbler's sperm is stored in the hen's oviduct, so that fertilized eggs may be laid up to four weeks

When do turkeys start laying eggs?

Turkeys begin to lay their eggs during the spring. They only layeggs once a year and it's rare that they lay eggs in the fall.

Do turkeys lay eggs like ducks and chickens?

Yes. Turkeys lay nine to fifteen eggs, and incubates them alone. When the young hatch, they stay with the mother until they join up with other hens and their young.

Do turkeys lay eggs in trees?

"No. Turkeys can't fly." Wrong answer....turkeys DO fly. They will not lay eggs in a nest in a tree however. They make nests on the ground in thick cover and that is where

When do turkeys start to lay eggs?

According to North Carolina's agricultural department, "Turkey breeders start to lay eggs for hatching at 32 weeks of age. They are artificially inseminated each week during

How many eggs do turkey lay?

Most hens (female turkeys) lay a clutch of 12-14 eggs per spring. If a nest is destroyed by a predator, the hen will get bred again, and then lay another clutch of 12-14 eggs.
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Do turkeys lay eggs in winter?

I have two white female turkeys, hatched this spring. They both started laying eggs at the first of January and have each delivered one egg every other day and sometimes two d

Where do turkey vultures lay eggs?

Seems like they are always flying or eating carrion. But Turkey Vultures lay their eggs in Turkey Vulture Nests. North American Turkey Vultures build their nests in caves or s