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yes. internal. they have small holes on outside. Like birds. They're certainly not deaf.

AnswerTurtles don't have any "outer ear," the part that sticks out from your head, but they have all the "inner ear" mechanisms that other animals do. They also have the auditory nerve and brain center required for hearing. The outer ear gathers sound vibrations to make them louder. So turtles do not hear airborne sounds as loudly as you do, but they can sense and interpret vibrations in the environment. Hearing probably isn't very important to a turtle though, because their senses of vision and smell are excellent. The brain center for hearing is quite small by comparison.


turtles have 3 ears 2 internal on there head and one on the nose

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Q: Do turtles have ears
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Do map turtles have ears?

Yes map turtles have ears.

Why do turtles have ears?

turtles have ears so they can hear their perdetor coming towards them.

Do painted turtles have ears?


Which animals have invisible ears?


What colour is the turtles ears?

It depends on the turtle.

Does sea turtles have ears?

Yes, all reptiles have ears. Turtle ears are on the side of their head near the eyes.

Do snapping turtles have ears?

have internal ear structure, sense vibrations

How does the sea turtle's nose work?

Sea turtles do not have a very good sense of smell. Their eyes and ears mostly do all the work. Sea turtles have 3 ears though, 2 regular ears like you and I, but have 1 ear on their nose. A sea turtles eyes are open when they are a little hatchling, but cant see straight for a few hours.

Does turtles have scales?

Turtles do not have scales but they have hard skin a tough shell eyes ears nose a tail and other body parts

Can turtles see in color because their ears are red?

Yes turtles can see in color which comes in handy for their survival. Red ear turtles have a heightened vision and can see color in and above water.

How long do floating turtles live for?

6hundred thousand million billion trillion ears

Do box turtles have ears?

Yes, they are internal. There are small holes behind their eyes. They (turtles) also sense low frequencies throughout their bodies - they can 'sense' footsteps near them.

What are some good names for red eared turtles?

John- Red Ears- Honey, Osama, George, Alexander the Great, King Kong, Beowulf, that turtle which has red ears and Monty Python.

Can a turtle see in color because its ears are red?

Not at all, it is like saying people with blonde hair people can see blue. So turtles can't see in color because its ears are red.

What's the difference between the four groups of reptiles?

The four groups of reptiles are crocodilians, lizards, snakes, and turtles, terrapins, and tortoises. Snakes have no ears or sense of hearing, and only turtles, terrapins, and tortoises have shells.

Can you feed cherries to your red ears sliders turtles?

no i have a red ear slider an he will proly get sick cuz hes not use to an turtles dont eat dat day eat turtle food or fish if its use to it

Are there yellow eared slider turtles?

Yes. They are very similar to Red Eared Sliders except the "ears" are the same color as their jaw markings.

What happens when two turtles jiggle their hands together?

It is the beginning of the "love time". But after a long time, we do not have any success at home (red ears turtle).

What are some different types of turtles?

Snapping Turtles, Redeared Turtles, yellowtail turtles, cottontail turtles, flying turtles, big turtles, small turtles, black turtles, purpletoe turtles, amazon turtles, African turtles, Big penis turtles, aquarium turtles, grizzly turtles, m4 carbine turtles, rabid turtles, edible turtles, swimming turtles, alien turtles. That's all the turtles in the world, the rest are unknown (to me) or extinct. LOL

What is a sea turtles head for?

Pretty much the same as most, if not all living creatures use their heads for. It holds the brain, eyes, ears, mouth, nostrils.


yes, turtles.

Are bog turtles land turtles?

Bog turtles are land turtles and land turtles. They are mostly land turtles.

Are hawksbill turtles snapping turtles?

no, hawksbill turtles are sea turtles

Types of turtles?

sea turtles painted turtles snapping turtles

What collective nouns are used for turtles?

The collective nouns for turtles are:a bale of turtlesa dole of turtlesa nest of turtlesa turn of turtles

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