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it depends if the turtle is small if its small it can live in small places example a small fish tank with some rocks in it a big turtle should live in a large tank with rocks in it

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Can Big turtles live with Small Turtles?

Yes. Large turtles can get on with smaller turtles like they were the same size :)

Small turtles and big turtles?

big turtles from small?Some turtle just have different body sructures, they just come out the way the mother was, but big turtles can live way longer than small turtles can. actually, even small turtles can live 50+ years. Even one that only grows 4-5 incheshappy herp keeping :)

What environment do painted turtles live in?

Swamp muddy area

Can turtles live in baby pool?

It depends what kind of turtle it is is and how big it is.

Can a turtle live in the freshwater area?

Yes, many turtles live in freshwater. The type of water they prefer depends on what species of turtle it is. For instance, slider turtles almost always live in freshwater.

Where are turtles?

water turtles live in the water land turtles live in the land

When did turtles live in water?

turtles still live in water but not all turtles.

How big are snapping turtles eggs?

how big are snapping turtles eggs

Where to turtles live?

Turtles live mostly everywhere

Do Turtles live in rainforest?

Turtles do live in rainforests

What types of turtles live in a Ohio pond?

Softshell turtles live in Ohio ponds. We have ponds next to our house with a family of softshelled turtles living there. They love the algea at the bottom and the temperatures of Ohio. We had a big storm that washed up softshell turtles they are about the size of a childs hand.

Do turtles live in the Antarctic?

turtles don't live in Antarctica. Turtles live in the seas near the Pacific ocean. :)

What fish can gold gourami's live with?

Mine lives with Painted Turtles and a big Barb and it seems to live just fine

Do turtles live in a box?

Turtles can live anywhere. Some live in water.

Do turtles live in VIVARIUM?

Can terrapins and turtles live in a vivarium

Can anoles live with turtles?

Yes, Anoles can live with turtles.

Do turtles like to live in water?

Sea turtles live in water. Most pet turtles are land turtles and will spend time in and around water, but not live in it.

Do turtles live mainly on land or in the water?

There are different types of turtles. Aquatic turtles mainly live in the sea. Terrestrial turtles live on land. There are also other types of turtles that live in both water and land, like snapping turtles for example.

Why do turtles live in water and out of water?

becase turtles are nature water turtles and land turtles so they cn not drown or die i wanted to know what it was hen it was ot what i was looking for,i have a baby african boxing turtle and it is so cute lol,my mom found it on the beach with it's big big mama

How much time can earth turtles live without food?

how long do turtles live with out food? how long do turtles live with out food?

What type of ecosystems do turtles live in?

Marine turtles and fresh water turtles live in an aquatic environment.

What animals live in the humid subtropical area of Australia?

Several animals live in the humid subtropical area of Australia. A few are crocodiles, deer, panthers, turtles, and lizards.

What are some animals that live in Big Bear Lake?

If your wondering what animals live in( Big Bear Lake). I'll tell you fish,snails, sometime's snapping turtles live in a lake and those are all the questions to ( What animals live in Big Bear Lake).

Do turtles live in swamps?

Yes the do, but not all of the turtles live in swamps :)

Where on earth do sun turtles live?

sun turtles live in the desert

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