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yes but some don't because some turtles are sea turtles but some are land.

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yes turtle's live there but not all do like sea turtles or land turtles

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Do turtles live in Europe?

Turtles do in fact live in Europe. The Emys Orbicularis turtle for example loves to live in Europe's many wetlands.

What kinds of herbivores live in wetlands?

Many types of herbivores live in wetlands. Some of these are beavers, certain turtles, and deer. Rabbits and mice are often found in wetlands as well.

What types of omnivores live in the wetlands?

omnivores: bears, turtles, and squirrels

What kind of wetlands do turtles live in?

different turtles live in difrent places. mostly swamp type areas, they need sunlight.

What are 3 common animals that live in a wetland?

frogs, turtles, and ducks are three common animals that live in wetlands

What kinds of animals live in wetlands?

snakes, birds, frogs, insects, turtles, and alligators.Hope this was helpful.

Do Flamingos live in wetlands?

Yes, they do live in wetlands

Which animals live in the wetlands?

Alligators live in wetlands.

Do people live in wetlands?

no people do not live in the wetlands.

Do swans live in wetlands?

do swans live in the wetlands

Do moose live in wetlands?

Yup...Moose do live in Wetlands.

Do owls live in wetlands?

Yes, owls live in wetlands.

What eats moss from the wetlands?

Most fish and some turtles

What adaptations do turtles have in wetlands?

they have webbed feet and sharp claws

Secondary consumers for wetlands?

Some secondary Consumers for the wetlands are Northern Leopard frogs, bandicotts.long neck turtles etc

Do Bengal tigers live in wetlands?

they actually live in mangrove swamps. but yes they live in wetlands

Do Venus Flytraps live in Wetlands?

Yes, Venus Flytraps do live in Wetlands.

When was Live at the Wetlands created?

Live at the Wetlands was created on 2002-04-09.

What kinds of turtles lives in wetlands?

Sweet Mind Glowing Awesomeness?

Do quolls live in wetlands?

Quolls can live near wetlands, but not in wetlands,, as they are found in wet and dry sclerophyll forest (eucalyptus bushland).

What are the reasons that the alligators live in the wetlands?

Alligators live in wetlands because they are aquatic creatures.

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