Do vampires live in this world at present?


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Vampire bats live in South America. Vampire "undead" are a product of fiction and do not exist.

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in real life vampires are not there.but if u r asking books then they live in different places according to the place mentioned by the author.

vampires can live anywere in the world they can have houses or just live in the woodsalso they live in dark and damp caves.i dont know look it up insted of looking at the answer

Vampires are said to be around the world. Every culture and every country has it's own version of vampires. It is strongly suggested that vampires are present in almost every country. SA included.

Vampires can live anywhere! :)

Vampires are alive to live a long life by drinking the blood of human.they still live in some place in the world and still they are alive to drink the blood of human.Check around u may be vampires may be.

No, vampires do not live in America as they do not exist.

Vampires do not live, they are reanimated corpses.

the VOLTURI in twilight is a group of ancient vampires that live in Italy. they feed on humans in the city. they are the most powerful vampires in the world and they enfore the rules of the vampires.

they do exist by making pacts with the bad but I don't think they live in hay

I belive there are no such thing as vampires. But if there were then anything with out garlic in.

lets put it this way... a vampire can live in any humanly possible place in the world. the saying "vampires cant be in sunlight for long" is impudently false.

yes , vampires live between humans

I live in India and I'm reading many books about vampires. I think they really exist.

Fortunately, we have not vampires in Romania !

No. Vampires do not exist, idiot.

Vampires are believed to live everywhere there are people to feast upon.

Vampires live FOREVER. Bats don't ...

vampires are undead so they cannot be said to live anywhere.

Vampires live in dark and rainy, wet and cold conditions

Vampires live as long as humans do generally.

The existence of vampires has never been proven. Vampires are creatures of legend and therefore there is not a location they live in Utah.

no they never have. vampires only live in movies and books. back in the past there might have been vampires but not now.

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