Do vampires sleep in the dark?

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2009-03-27 22:55:26

Modern day vampires aren't usually seen as "sleeping in the

dark", but the myth and conceptions of vampires change over who

writes and studies the ledgends. Vampires are often feeding in the

dark, and sleeping in their coffins by day. But what most people

think is that this fact is based around Bram Stoker's,

Dracula. This is wrong. There are elements of the vampire

ledgend that Stoker studied carefully to make his story as

believable as a biography, but what readers have carelessly

abandoned. It is said that Count Dracula has a fear of sunlight,

but this, as I said before, is not entirely true. In fact, many

times in Dracula the fabled count is seen in the daylight.

Many vampire movies/novels suggest that as soon as a vampire steps

out into the daylight, they instantly perish. What does

actually happn is that Dracula's powers are heavily restircted,

thus causing him the problem of feeding quickly and in cover. With

this, it would be that Dracula would have to feed at night, but, it

really depends on the story or movie you are reading/seeing at the

time. Every vampire I've known slept with a night-light. They are

really pretty sissies in some ways.

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