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No. Being a vegan has no bearing on bleeding.

Yes. Vegetarians consume a lot of leafy vegetables which contains vitamin K.

Vitamin K helps to clot blood.

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Q: Do vegetarians bleed less
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Why do vegetarians taste the best?

Less toxins....

Do Vegetarians eat healthier?

Vegetarians typically get up to 100% more fiber and up to 50% less cholesterol from food than non-vegetarians

How do you bleed less on your period?

There are pills than can make you bleed less and there is of course also the birth control pill which not only regulates but often make women bleed less. Check out the pharmacy or speak to your doctor.

Are Most of the people in the world vegetarians?

No, vegetarians only make up about 3.2% of the world population. Some countries have more or less. India is about 40% vegetarian because of religion, while Poland and Portugal are less than 1%.

Do vegetarians tend to eat more than do non-vegetarians?

I need to eat more food as a vegetarianbecause vegetarian food tends to have less calories, fat and protein.

What is the most common type of vegetarian?

Probably ovo-lacto vegetarians; less restrictions on food.

How is being a vegetarian healther that eating meat?

Vegetarians eat less saturated fat than meat eaters so they often escape heart disease which kills most Americans who die of disease. Vegetarians have a lower rate of cancer. Vegetarians are less likely to be obese. To be objective, a vegetarian diet is not necessarily healthier than being a non-vegetarian but it often is!

Was modern astronomy begun by astronomers?

No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?No, by shoemakers. Or was it by vegetarians?

How are vegetarians helping the earth if they are eating plants that affect the earth?

Vegetarians use less plants than meat eaters. Over half of our food crops go to feed farmed animals.

Who said the more you sweat the less you bleed?

Leonidus in 300

Do vegetarians defecate less?

Vegetarians will defecate more if they take in much more natural fiber. At the same time, a meat eater will also defecate more the more naturally fibrous foods they consume.

In vegetarians the RDA is higher for?

The RDA does not change for vegetarians/non vegetarians.