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Well, just like doctors, vets can have their own practice or work in a group with other vets out of the same office. The vet typically is their own boss, but is supervised by local and state agencies. For more information, it might be a great idea to schedule an appointment with a vet in your area for an interview at the end of their business day. Good Luck

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Q: Do veterinarians work independently in their jobs or are they supervised?
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Can pediatricians work independently or are they supervised by another?

yes and yes yes and yes

Described your ability to work unsupervised?

You can say you are disciplined and organized and you work well by yourself. You can give examples from jobs where you had to work independently.

Will veterinarians work outside or inside?

Both - some veterinarians work in a clinic (inside) while other veterinarians have an ambulatory clinic and work on the farm (outside).

Do veterinarians work week days?

Yes, the vast majority of veterinarians work throughout the week. In addition, many veterinarians work on weekends, holidays and nights covering emergencies.

Ability to work independently?

When asked if you have the ability to work independently always answer yes. State that you are completion oriented which helps you work independently.

Can veterinarians work part time?

Yes, although part-time veterinarians are a small minority of all veterinarians.

Do veterinarians work with a team or work alone?

The vast majority of veterinarians in the United States work as part of a team that includes veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, office personnel and other veterinarians.

How do veterinarians get to work?


Where do equine veterinarians work?

Most equine veterinarians work on the farms, stables, tracks and show rings where horses are housed at. Some equine veterinarians work in a clinic where horses can be brought for specialized diagnostics and treatment.

Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

Independently, but I can do either.

Do veterinarians have to own their own clinic?

No, actually most veterinarians work for other veterinarians in multi-doctor practices. Other veterinarians work at a clinic that is owned by a veterinary corporation (Banfield, NVA come to mind). Many veterinarians work their whole careers for other veterinarians because they don't want the headaches and hassles of running a business as well as being a full-time veterinarian.

Were can a vet work?

Veterinarians can work anywhere there are animals.!.!

What are jobs with dogs?

You could work at your local animal shelter or SPCA. If you are good at training animals, you could help people train their pets. You could also work in a veterinarians office.

Where do Veterinarians usually work?

at the vets :/

Do veterinarians work directly with people or alone?

Private practice veterinarians work as part of a team of people that includes vet techs, vet assistants, receptionists and kennel workers. Also, most veterinarians in the US practice in a multiple-doctor practice, so they also work with other veterinarians.

What types of jobs are there for Physician Assistants?

You will work in a hospital where you'll do all sorts of things. You will always be supervised by a physician but you can do a lot of things on your own. There aren't a lot of different types of jobs in this field, but the jobs are very different from one another.

Where can veterinarians work?

Veterinarians can, and do, work anywhere in the world including Antarctica, in the desert, in jungles and rainforest and in cities and the countryside. Veterinarians can work for just about anyone, from themselves (as owner-practitioners) to another veterinarian to a company, the government or a non-profit group.

What are good things about veterinarians?

1. Veterinarians work to improve animal health. 2. Veterinarians can significantly improve human health, particularly public health.

Are there any other places veterinarians work?

Most veterinarians work in private practice clinics around the world, treating privately owned animals. However, some work in zoos and wildlife parks, others work in the pharmaceutical industry, there are veterinarians in the military and some that work in the government. In many cases, when a veterinarian is not in private practice, their job title does not include "veterinarian", so it can be hard to figure out where the veterinarians are and what they are doing.

Do you have the ability to work unsupervised?

The ability to work unsupervised is to work independently. Many employers will ask you during an interview to give examples of how you would work independently.

Do veterinarians work with wild animals?

yes, they can if they are certified to.

What do veterinarians do at work all day?

They fix animals.

What days are veterinarians required to work?

This is set by the clinic the veterinarian works at. Most veterinarians work Monday through Friday plus some Saturdays or Sundays and holidays.

Do veterinarians take care of wild animals?

As a profession, yes veterinarians will care for some wild animals. However, most individual veterinarians do not handle wild animals - this is reserved for veterinarians who are trained and specifically licensed to work with wild animals.

Do veterinarians work part time?

Yes, some veterinarians do work part time. This has become slightly more popular as the demographics of working veterinarians shifts towards being more heavily female - women veterinarians are more likely to want to work part time and trade a smaller paycheck for more time for family and home. This option is also being used by veterinarians with injuries/illnesses that make it difficult for them to work a full day but they aren't mentally, emotionally, or financially ready to retire yet.

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