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Do visible light and x-rays travel through different medians?


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Visible light and x-rays are both forms of electromagnetic radiation, and do not require a medium to travel through.


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An opaqe object. NO light can travel through it at all.

Transparent or translucent objects

Yes, they can travel through a vacuum just as visible light can.

Any eletromagnetic wave. Light, visible or non visible.

Of course, they are similar to visible light waves, just a different wavelength and frequency. Indeed, many electromagnetic waves (radio waves) can travel through solid objects and water depending on the frequency and the medium through which they travel. If radio waves couldn't travel through the atmosphere, your radio wouldn't receive a signal, hence no music.

Well light is an electromagnetic wave and it pushes itself through space ,but sound requires particles to travel through and if there are no particles for it to travel through you have no sound

Sound can travel through a variety of materiels.

Yes, radio waves are a form of electro magnetic wave. Visible light is also a form of electro magnetic waves. Visible light can be seen through glass, just as radio waves can travel through glass.

Electromagnetic waves, such as infrared and visible light

what colors are used to create visible light

False, you can see the visible light from stars that travels through the vacuum of space

False, mechanical waves need a medium to travel through. Electromagnetic waves, such as visible light, don't.

Visible light can only travel through objects that are transparent or translucent so all the visible light reflects of the gold which is why it is shiny

hey travel through p waves and other ones too

Yes! Light travels through any material that does not completely absorb it. Visible light can only travel through materials that are called either transparent or translucent. Visible light travels through glass all the time. Visible light also travels through your cornea and the gel-like material that is in your eyeball. There are other types of light than visible light, such as ultraviolet (UV). UV is light that has more energy than visible light. This is the type of light that can give you a sunburn. There are even more energetic types of light like X-rays. They go through lots of material that visible light can't -- like skin and organs, but they do not go through bones or teeth very well.

They travel through different layers at different speeds

yes, S-Waves can travel through many different types of mediums, such as rock, metal, and various fluids. they only travel through solids.

They all travel through a vacuum at the same speed - The speed of light.

The sun's rays travel through space as ultraviolet rays, visible light etc.

Light waves can travel can travel in different ways depending on the object. It can travel through a vacuum which is a complete airless place, mirror, but sound has to travel through a solid or gas.

water waves travel through water and light waves travel through a vacuum (in space)

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