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Do volcanos support the sea floor spreading hypothesis?


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one way is the age of the rocks snd another way would be the lava in the lithospher moving to form different rocks


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"Magnetic Polarity: the North and South magnetic poles have switched positions throughout Earth's history... the record of magnetic polarity in the rocks of the ocean floor provided unequivical support for the seafloor spreading hypothesis." - as quoted in chp. 4, pg. 94, from the textbook "The Good Earth: Introduction To Earth Science"

The hypothesis is called SEA FLOOR SPREADING(it isn't capitolized)

the theory of sea-floor spreading

evidence supporting the idea of sea-floor spreading.

The concept of magnetic reversals support the idea of sea-floor spreading.

One day while scientists were exploring the sea floor, they discovered sea-floor spreading, thus proving Wegener's hypothesis to be correct.

i tink it is when a volcano erupts on th sea floor

As the crust moves it shakes the Earths crust, which causes Earthquakes. It relates to volcanos because of ocean floor spreading.

Sea Floor spreading has to do with the crust forming at ocean ridges and being destroyed at deep sea trenches.

New material is added to the sea floor when sea floor spreading occurs. When the iron cools it is magnetized by the magnetic field of the earth.

He thought that the world was once pangea but then the plates and "Sea Floor Spreading" moved Pangea around

Consider. In sea-floor spreading, the plates are spreading apart; in other words diverging. So sea-floor spreading occurs at a divergent boundary,

Harry Hess was an American geologist who studied sea-floor spreading. Alfred Wegener was a German scientist who studied continental drift. Sea-floor spreading made mid-ocean ridges and continents drift apart. Because of Hess's observation, many scientists began to have second thoughts about rejecting Wegener's hypothesis.

Nothing much. The ocean floor spreading is in the Atlantic ocean caused by the mid oceanic ridge which is the largest and longest mountain range in the world. It is huge and if you google ocean floor maps you will see a thing that goes all over the oceans floors. The volcanos erupt as the plates shift away from each other.

Sea floor spreading occurs at mid-ocean ridges.

Sea floor spreading occurs at the mid ocean ridges.

His hypothesis was continental drift and the sea floor spreading. He helped discover the 7 major plates and large unknown amounts of minor plates. Our plates drift 2 cm a year.

The Super Continent was broken apart, in part by sea-floor spreading.Scientists discovered that sea-floor spreading continues to move the continents.Sea-floor spreading can be measured using specialized equipment.

Sea-floor spreading occurs at the mid ocean ridge where new oceanic crust is formed; continental drift causes sea floor spreading.

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