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Do water lilys eat anything?


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Water Lilies do not eat.


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what eats african water lilys

Yes, there are some animals that do eat water lilies. Some animals that eat water lilies are deer, beavers, raccoons, and muskrats.

cwaam and gapdo types of sucker fish and wokas or water lilys

a water lily lives in the ocean.

Water does not eat anything. It is a liquid not an animal.

Yes, they can come in orange.

Butterflies indeed eat water. They also eat anything that can dissolve in water :)

Water Lilys are the only flower I know of.

This is because if has no potential of pure water but in fact ice it, does not absorb water.

They eat anything that they can find in the water.

yes they eat anything they can get.

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any lakes or ponds where frogs have been spotted.

apple trees only drink water but don't eat anything

You can eat anything you want, it might make you ill or fat, but you can eat anything even poison

mostly eat anything you would eat.

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Pikes eat fish, water creatures like snails, small water snakes, and anything they like to eat.

They don't eat anything that we humans eat. Besides they do drink water because all living things drink water.

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they eat anything a salt water dolphin eats (oter fish, plankton)

yes, mosy lilys are monocotyledonous and produce flowers

they eat anything that they can find under the water where they live.

They eat mammals and fish or anything that steps in the water but poisness.

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