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Why did people make the tooth fairy?

The tooth fairy is different for all & is real in a way you can explain to your own kids later.

What time does the tooth fairy pick up a tooth?

When your tooth falls out show it to everyone and then put it under your pillow. Normally the tooth fairy will claim it while you are asleep, or within a day or two, and may leave money or a gift in its place. You have to announce it so the tooth fairy gets the message.

Can you capture a real tooth fairy?

Ok everyone Santa Claus isnt real! The tooth fairy isnt real! The easter bunny is real because there are bunnies in real life. BUT NO YOU CANT CATCH A TOOTH FAIRY THEY ARENT REAL!

Where does the fairy tooth live?

For the first time, the Tooth Fairy told everyone a well-kept secret: her address. Now, parents and kids know that the Tooth Fairy lives at the Faculdade de Odontologia Universidade de SΓ£o Paulo (FOUSP,) where scientific studies are carried out with baby teeth.

How does the tooth fairy know you lost a tooth?

The tooth fairy is your parents

How can you meet the tooth fairy?

You really can't meet the tooth fairy because the tooth fairy isn't real. Sorry but you can't meet the tooth fairy.

How many people do not believe in the tooth fairy?

Mostly everyone doesnt believe in the tooth fairy .Its somthing adults say to children when ther 8 and are loosing all of the teeth

Why do children get different amounts of money from the Tooth Fairy?

It is parents who give you the Tooth Fairy money, so the parents decide how much to give.

How old is the tooth fairy?

the tooth fairy is not real.

Can you speak to the tooth fairy?

of course you can! my friend is the tooth fairy! I am the fairy of answers.

Are there African tooth fairies?

no there is no African tooth fairy there is no tooth fairy at all

What does the tooth fairy do with the collected teeth?

The tooth fairy turns your tooth into money :)

Are tooth fairy true?

yes the tooth fairy is real ur parents r the tooth fairy sweetie.

Is the tooth fairy real for grown ups?

the tooth fairy is real

How does the tooth fairy know that your tooth fell out?

Sorry to tell you this but the tooth fairy isn't real........... Ya the tooth fairy ISNT real

Is there a tooth fairy called tooth mouse?

yes the mexican tooth fairy is called tooth mouse

What does the tooth fairy do with teeth?

the tooth fairy collects teeth

What is the Tooth fairy movie with The rock called?

Tooth Fairy....(~_~)

Do tooth fairy has a vacation?

There is no such thing as the stupid tooth fairy

What does the tooth fairy eats?

The tooth fairy isn't real

How old is he tooth fairy?

I think the tooth fairy is 27

What does the tooth fairy drink?

the tooth fairy drink milk

Does the tooth fairy have helpers?

sorry, but there is no such thing as a tooth fairy

What color hair does the tooth fairy have?

It depends if your talking about a boy tooth fairy or a girl tooth fairy, but regardless it is sparkly.

Is there really a toothfairy?

If You Belive That There Is A Tooth Fairy, Then Dont Let People Pick On You About It Just Because That's What You Belive, Everyone Is Different In Their Own Special Way.x