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They eat birds, lizards and eggs but I'm not sure if plants are included in their diet.

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Do chimpanzees eat meat or plants?

they eat meat sometimes and they eat omniverse plants

Does carnivores eat meat or plants?

Carnivores eat meat and Herbivores eat plants.

Do gorillas eat meat or plants?

Plants not meat they eat insects though!

Is a plankton a plant eat plants and meat?

Do plankton eat meat and plants

What do carnivores omnivores and herbivores eat?

Carnivores eat meat and only meat, herbivores eat plants and only plants, and omnivores eat both meat and plants.

What eats weasles?

If your doing a report on weasles or something well then just say that almost all animals eat weasles

What do you call animals that mainly eat meat?

Carnivores. Herbivores eat plants, omnivores eat plants and meat, and carnivores eat meat.

What kinds of anamals eat meat and plants?

Omnivores eat both meat and plants.

Do pythons eat meat and plants?

no plants... just meat.

All animals eat plants for food?

No. If they are carnivores, they eat meat and animals. If they are herbivores, they eat plants. If they are omnivores, they eat meat, animals, and plants.

Do mountain lions eat meat and plants?

They eat meat but I'm not certain on the plants i don't believe they eat plants though

Does a moose eat meat or plants?

no they are herbovores... they eat plants such as grass.

Are elk vegetarians?

Elk are herbivores- they eat plants. Carnivores eat meat, and omnivores eat plants and meat.

An animal that can eat plants and meat?

Bears, Racoons and Skunks eat both plants and meat

What kind of plants eat meat?

it is not what the kinds of plants that eat meat but it is a vine i the deep jungles eat remains of anmials yea meat why not known the plants are convorners i geuss.

What does weasles eat?

wasles eat mall mamls

Can a hawk eat a weasle?

Yes, they do eat weasles.

Will weasles eat a rabbit?

Yes they will

Do voles eat meat?

They don't eat meat. They eat roots and plants.

Do zebras eat plants or meat?

Zebras eat plants.

Do tigers eat meat and plants?

Tigers mainly eat meat, but in order to get more fiber in their diet they will eat plants. :)

Are animals that eat meat carnivores?

If they just eat meat then yes. If they eat meat and plants then they are omnivores == No. If an animal eats mostly meat it is a Carnivore. A herbivore can also eat meat, but the primary diet will be plants. Herbivores and Omnivores can also eat meat.

Do bunnies eat plants or meat or both?

Bunnies only eat plants, not meat. Rabbits are herbivores.

What do omnivorous animals like to eat?

meat and plants of course omnivorous animals eat plants AND meat.

Does a deer eat a coyote?

No. They do not eat meat. They eat grass and other plants.No deer are not carnivorous.