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No whales don't eat pirhanas because their ecosystems are totally different and whales don't live in rivers and pirhanas don' live i oceans

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Do alligators eat piranhas?

yes alligators eat piranhas

Why do Piranhas eat other Piranhas?

Piranhas will eat anything even their own kind when the're hungry.

What kind of plants do piranhas eat?

piranhas eat aquatic plants.

What type of does piranhas eat?

They It People (Humans) and they eat fish but sharks eat the Piranhas...

Can a school of piranhas eat a dog?

Yes. A school of piranhas can eat a dog.

Do piranhas eat otters?

Large group of piranhas can hunt otters and eat them.

Why do piranhas eat humans?

piranhas eat humans beacause theyare attracted to blood

What kind of birds do piranhas eat?

Groups of adult piranhas eat geese and herons.

How do piranhas eat there food?

they eat it.

Can people eat piranhas?

yes, some peoples in the world it piranhas :)

Do piranhas eat snakes?

yes they do because piranhas are carnivoris animals

What do piranhas eat in the Amazon river?

Piranhas mainly feed on meat. They can eat dead or alive fish. You may think that these fish are very fearsome. But they aren't. They have very sharp teeth, but they can't rip your arm off. And if you think about it, piranhas need to eat. Piranhas are just being piranhas. After all, piranhas are still a part of nature!

Do piranhas eat seaweed?


Do piranhas eat deer?


Do piranhas attack humans?

no piranhas do not attack people they just eat the meat

Could piranhas eat other piranhas?

yes when they're really hungry

Can sharks eat whales?

They can't eat whales, but whales can eat them

Why don't whales or fish have teeth?

Whales and fish can certainly have teeth. Sharks are fish, and they have teeth. Piranhas are fish, they have teeth. Sperm whales have teeth. Pilot whales have teeth, Beluga whales have teeth.

Can other animal eat Piranhas?

Many animals eat piranhas, caimans, wading birds, and jaguars, and giant otters.

What plants do piranhas eat?

they eat you, your mom&dad.

What eats a piranhas?

Caimans, anacondas, otters, herons, and giant fish will eat piranhas.

What do alligators eat in the rainforest?


How much do piranhas eat?

It depends

Do jaguars eat piranhas?


Do piranhas eat jaguars?


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