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Yes, whales do live in the seas and oceans in and around Asia.


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Georgia is the name given to two areas of land, one in the US and the other in Asia. As whales live in the ocean, there are obviously no areas of Georgia where whales live.

They live in the Arctic Ocean. So basically Northern North America, Northern Asia, and Europe.

No, because whales must live in the water, it is impossible for whales to live in the grassland.

No Whales do not live in the rainforest.

No, whales can not live in taigas.

The blue whales live in the ocean.

No, most whales live in groups

No. whales do not live in the coral reef they live in the ocean

Endangered whales live in every ocean in the world. On the endangered list are right whales, blue whales, humpback whales and fin whales among others.

whales live up to 230 years

No whales live in the big wide ocean

they live with other beluga whales

Whales live in the oceans, not on continents.

Killer whales still live. They live for about 50 or more years.

beluga whales cant live in a state they live in the water

Whales live in the Southern Ocean; none live on the continent.

humpback whales live where they live because it has LOTS of water

they live is Asia they live is Asia they live is Asia

killer whales live in a cold spots

Whales live in all the oceans of the world.

Killer whales live in a marine environment.

Whales live in the deep oceans around Mexico

Whales live in the deep oceans, not in caves.

Whales live in the deep oceans around Alaska

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