Do women have y chromosomes

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No, men have an X and a Y, while women have two X's.

{They don't usually, but...

'There is a whole lot more to maleness and femaleness than X or Y chromosomes. About 1 in 20,000 men has no Y chromosome, instead having 2 Xs. This means that in the United States there are about 7,500 men without a Y chromosome. The equivalent situation - females who have XY instead of XX chromosomes - can occur for a variety of reasons and overall is similar in frequency'.}

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Q: Do women have y chromosomes
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Do women make Y chromosomes?

Women do not create Y chromosomes. They only carry X chromosomes. Men carry both Y and X chromosomes and are responsible for determining the gender of a fertilized egg.

How do X and Y chromosome differ?

men have a x and y chromosome while women have two x chromosomes the y chromosomes determine the sex of the baby

Do guys have y chromosomes?

Yes, Men and boys have on X and one Y chromosome in each cell. For women it is two X chromosomes.

Men have one of y?

The y chromosome. The chromosome pair that determine sex (gender) can have x and y chromosomes; men have one X and one Y chromosome, women have to X chromosomes.

What chromosomes are the same for men and women?

All of them except the Y chromosome are the same.

Do woman have 2 Y chromosomes?

No, they do not.

Do a women have a x and y chromosome?

Women have two X chromosomes, unless they suffer from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.

What 2 chromosomes identify a female?

women have two x chromosomes whereas men have one x chromosome and a y chromosome.

Is the y chromosome for women or men?

For males. We have a Y-chromosome and that is makes men males. Women, on the other hand, have all X chromosomes and pass on their mitochondrial information.

How many chromosomes does a typical human male have?

46 males have 1 x and 1 y chomosomes but women have 2 x chromosomes

The human X and Y chromosomes?

the human x chromosomes are female chromosomes and y choromes are male chromosomes

What are the sex chromosomes for a girl?

Women have two X chromosomes (XX) and men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY).

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