Do women like men with out foreskin?

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2015-06-10 00:05:09

Depends on the woman. I happen to really like men - so I have to

say that I think they are perfect the way they are made...foreskin

intact. I don't see how anyone can truly love & appreciate the

male gender/male body & then want them to cut off a part of

their genitals to be "good enough". Makes zero sense to me. My

husband is circed & I am fine with that because I love HIM. I

would not rule a man out because of his foreskin status. But if I

had a choice, I would choose an intact man because as I said, it is

how a man is SUPPOSED to be.

there seems to be definite evidence though that support the

point that intact men have fewer sexual problem that lead to the

discomfort of women when having sex, the foreskin has an ability to

hold onto the females natural lubricants which leads to her being

more comfortable during the act. the mans los of sensitivity also (

in some cases) leads to a situation where the man has to keep going

far to long for the females comfort to reach orgasm leading to dry

painful sex. naturaly premature ejaculation is also common with

circumcised men as they don't have controll over the remanents of

the foreskins ravaged nerve ends concentrated in the circumcision

scar. this does not mean however that many women don't appreciate

their lovers any way.

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