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  • Women stay in abusive relationships for a variety of reasons, it is never that simple. They may believe that they can work through issues with their partner and the abuse will diminish. It is never easy to leave someone when the heart is entangled, just because there is abuse doesn't mean there is not love. There may be a fear of being 'alone', but it is not usually just that that keeps them. Victims of abuse often suffer from high levels of insecurity and low self-confidence which makes it easy for them to be convinced by the abuser that they are At Fault for their abusive behaviour. So, often the woman may feel that if she changes her behaviour then the abuse will stop. It can become a cycle that becomes more and more abusive over time and leaves the woman feeling so hopeless that she begins to accept her partners abusive behaviour.
  • Yes, and it also depends on the culture of the woman. In some culture women are not "allowed" or afraid to leave, it could be so that they don't bring shame to their family...a lot of times they stay for "the kids" not realizing that they do more harm to their children when they stay in an abusive relationship. Abusers also chose women that have issues, like insecurity thus making it easier for them to control the victim. Also, in this day in age, the victim is no longer just a woman, it can be a man, in the gay/lesbian community, transgender community. Rich or poor, educated or not, violence exists and I think the cycle can be broken if the children can be taken out of the violent situation in time so that their generation has a chance to make better choices and live different lives.
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Yes, I think

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Q: Do women stay in abusive relationships because of a fear of being alone?
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What is the percentage of women that stay in abusive relationships because of their fear of being alone?

Answer There are no stats kept on this subject so there is NO way to answer your question.

How many women a year die from being in an abusive relationship?

according to surveys and newspapers approximatly an average of 72 women die from abusive relationships and rape.

How many people are in abusive relationships?

Studies show that 1 in 11 teenage high school students report being in an abusive relationships. Approximately 7 out of those 11 are girls, as men are more likely hurt their loved ones

Should you stay in an abusive relationship or should you go now?

You should definitely go. An abusive relationship is unhealthy for you both physically and emotionally. If you continue to stay with that abusive person, you will more than likely end up being attracted to more abusive people in the future. In fact some abusive relationships can lead to suicide and/or being murdered.

Why should women get out of abusive relationships?

Women should get out of an abusive relationship because it may escalate from emotional abuse to physical or sexual abuse, sometimes even murder. No one deserves to be abused and to stay in an abusive relationship is not worth it. If you are being abused, please leave and find help, especially if you have children, you need to protect them too.

Why do abusive relationships exist?

It exist because the person being hurt stays in the relationship thinking the abuser will stop. Face reality this person has issues and they will not just up and change. I would advise anyone who is in an abusive relationship whether physical,emotional or verbal get out while you still can, because the abuser is not going to change magically.

Why are you afriad of relationships?

Because your scared of falling in love and getying close then loosing that person and being left alone. like youve been stranded. ypur afraid of being picked on and teased for who you love.

How can once being in an abusive relationship affect future relationships Distrust of people how will the past abuse affect your lifestyle any unhealthy signs to watch for?

Some one who does not understand BDSM posted "being into bdsm is an unhealthy sign" this is a lie. All studies of people into BDSM have shown that most people into BDSM are happy normal people who just have kinks to there life. Most people who are into abusive relationships never get into BDSM relationships. If someone is into BDSM and there is also a abusive relationship going on all you need to do is look for the normal signs of a abusive relationship. Most BDSM couples for the most part have happy and healthy relationships but have a relationship that looks more like the idealized ones from the 1950's and may add play that would look abusive from the outside but is truly not. What I would tell people is take time to talk to both parties and look for the signs of an abusive relationship.

Why relationships develop?

Because they do! relationships develop because human being have a psychological need to interact with each other. IT is one of the basic need of a human being, along side food and water and it is essential for our survival .

What are the advantages of being with an abusive partner?

There are no advantages of being with an abusive partner. If you've been one of the unfortunate people to have been with one, the only upper is that you may be able to recognize some signs when entering future relationships. You may even be able to help friends or others escape the same kind of horror before it destroys them.

Why can't you leave an emotionally abusive and controlling boyfriend even though you despise him and everything about him and you are not scared of him?

As personal experience on this one, I could not leave mine because i felt like i had to take care of him. I was afraid if i left him he would be all alone and would have no one to look after him. Not to mention i hated being alone myself.

What do I do when my girlfriend gets abusive?

if your girlfriend is getting abusive. then just end the relationship; because once a person starts to be abusive towards their significant other than they are not going to stop. It may be because she likes the feeling of power that she gets from hitting you or that she comes from an angry backround. Either way it is best to just stay away from her until she stops being abusive.

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