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Q: Do woodlice damage property
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What is property damage coverage?

Damage to someones property if you were at fault.

In Pennsylvania what is the statute of limitations on property damage?

Property Damage is 2 years and Underinsured/uninsured motorist property damage is 4 years

Types of property damage caused by volcanos?

$1 billion in property damage.

Do woodlice eat dead woodlice?

No; woodlice are almost exclusively herbivorous, and not cannibalistic.However, woodlice are decomposers and do eat decaying or rotting matter such as rotting leaves and even other dead woodlice. I have a woodlice culture and I have observed woodlice eat other dead woodlice.

How does property damage insurance work?

Property damage insurance covers damage to property, usually with exclusions. The insured pays monthly premiums and files a claim for any damage that the property receives. The insurer then sends out a claims adjuster to inspect and come up with a monetary amount for the damage.

When does a woodlice die?

if you will kill the woodlice it will die......................

What do woodlice do at night?

woodlice sleep at night

How many woodlice are left in the world?


Do woodlice have a backbone?

No; woodlice are crustaceans, which are invertebrates.

Do woodlice have gills?

yes, woodlice do have gills

Are woodlice vertebrate or invertebrate?

woodlice are invertebrates

Why do woodlice have antennae?

woodlice have antenas because

Are woodlice useful in the garden?

why are woodlice usefull

What is covered by property damage liability insurance?

Propety Damage covers you if you damage someone elses property. Liability covers you in the event of a lawsuit.

What is Property Type PD?

In insurance terms, "PD" refers to property damage or physical damage to property. "Bi" refers to Bodily injury.

How many legs does a woodlice have?

a woodlice has 16 legs

Are woodlice vertebrates?

No. A woodlouse (plural: woodlice) is an arthropod.

Why do woodlice eat wood?

Because they're woodlice

Are Maggots and woodlice decomposers?

maggots are but woodlice are not decomposers

What color are woodlice?

Gray! But there is a type of woodlice called the pink woodlouse so they are pink! But woodlice are gray! :-)

Damage to property cause owners neglect?

Property damage is covered by a property liability insurance package. This applies to all incidents in which an automobile causes damage to another person's property such as a fence or house. If you do not have property liability insurance, the driver is responsible for covering the damages out of pocket.

What is the slogan for caring public property?

You work, you earn you pay tax, tax create public property damage public property, damage your own income.

Is landlord of rental property responsible for damage to neighbors property?


These insects damage property and eat wood?

Termites and carpenter ants will damage property by eat and building tunnels in wood.

What is the statute of limitations on property damage claims in Illinois?

The statute of limitations for personal property damage in Illinois is 5 years.