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Q: Do woodlice live in rainforests
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How long do woodlice live for?

a woodlice can live up to 4 years if it avoids getting eaten.

Do woodlice live in grass?


Do woodlice live in water?

no they do not..

Do woodlice live in groups?


Do woodlice live in woodbark?

Yes They do Live In WoodBark

How long do woodlice live?

i have read somewhere on the internet that woodlice live around 4 years if they manage to not get eaten before they live this long

Do giraffes live in rainforests?

do giraffe live in rainforests

Do sloths live in rainforests?

Yes i think sloths do live in rainforests but i not sure what type of rainforests Temprate or Tropical

Do leeches live in rainforests?

They do live in rainforests! Mostly because rainforests are damp. A rainforest can be found in south america.

What animals live in the rainforests?

Toucans and Three Toed Sloths live in Rainforests.

Where do woodlice like to live?

Woodlice like to live in and under wood or in damp areas such as damp but not wet mud with a few sticks.

Do snakes live in rainforests?

Yes, snakes live in rainforests. Most snakes that live there are pythons.yes.

Why woodlice live under ground?

They dont

Do Crimson Rosella's live in rainforests?

Yes, they live in subtropical and tropical temperate rainforests.

What tropical rainforests do ocelots live in?

Ocelots live in tropical rainforests in South America

Do squirrels live in the amazon rainforests?

Yes, they do in the canopys of the rainforests.

What are some detrivore that live on land?

Woodlice are detritivores that live on land

Do carpet pythons live in rainforests?

some carpet pythons live in the rainforests but most are pets or live in grasslands

Are there any elephants in the rainforest?

In tropical rainforests elephants live there on the forest floor in the tropical rainforests and mostt of them do live in tropical rainforests .yes

Do woodlice have eyes?

Woodlice do have eyes however their eyes do not like the sunshine so they live in damp and dry places

Were do woodlice live?

under large rocks or in trees

How many woodlice live in a colony?

around 20

Where don't woodlice like to live?

water or ice

What places do woodlice live?

Dead wood in the forest

Do slugs and woodlice fight if they live together?