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yes they do. but the fertilize it! Many gardeners use worms to fertilize their crops for better maintenance of their fruits and veggies.

P.S. Their "waste" is the fertilizing part. Hope this helps!

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What do wild worms eat?

We think that wild worms eat dirt.

How is organic soil formed?

Worms eat the dirt and then poop out the soil. Worms eat the dirt and then poop out the soil.

What do worms eat mostly?


What does round worms eat?


What to warms eat?

worms eat plants and dirt

What do earth worms eat?

they eat compostno they eat dirt

Do worms eat more then apples?

yes worms eat dirt to help our gardens

What fruit does worms eat?

Worms don't eat fruit, they eat dirt and excrete nutrients for the soil.

Do bugs eat worms or do worms eat bugs?

Some bug's eat worm's. But worm's eat dirt, not bug's.

Which animals eat dirt?

Pretty much not any animals. Worms eat dirt, though.

Do worms live in worm poop?

yes because the worms eat dirt and it comes out as slimy dirt that's it

How do worms dig?

They eat the dirt for food.

What do worms like to eat a lot?


Do earth worms eat insects?

no they eat dirt

What does earth worms eat?

they eat plants and stuff found in dirt?

Do worms eat flies?

I don't think so, they eat dirt.

What do worms do?

Slide around,eat dirt,or get eaten.

What do worms do most?

they eat and wiggle around in the dirt

Are worms herbivorous?

yes bc they eat DIRT

What is a diet for a mole?

moles eat dirt and worms

Can woms eat dried peas?

no worms eat dirt there moth is made very small so they can only eat dirt

Caution of the day?

Do not eat dirt; wash your worms carefully.

What do worms eat that live under subsoil?

dirt and soil

How do worms get their air?

no they mostly eat dirt and tiny bugs

Can worms eat grass?

worms regular diet is dirt which means they will probably eat dirt the rest of their live grass would probably be hard for them to digest or pass throught there system