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Yes. When you have a miscarriage the baby is coming OUT. There will be blood. And depending on how far along you are depends on the amount. Farther along will also have a mass, clumps of blood. Occasionally the baby dies and you do not pass it immediately. All the symptoms of pregnancy disappear but you do not bleed. An ultrasound scan will confirm what is called a 'missed' miscarriage. Eventually you will bleed but as many women do not like the idea of carrying a dead baby your doctor may induce the miscarriage with medication, or perform a D & C.

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Q: Do you always bleed with a miscarriage?
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How long does one bleed after a miscarriage?

It depends on the person I bleed for 5 days after my miscarriage

Is it possible to bleed because of a miscarriage?

Yes women usually bleed during a miscarriage since that is the embryo and the lining of the uterus coming out.

Do you bleed the baby out when you have a miscarriage?

Yes, you do

Can you get a miscarriage at 4 months without bleeding?

Yes you can have a miscarriage at any point in pregnancy and not bleed or have any normal signs of miscarriage

Why do women bleed while they are pregnant?

Miscarriage perhaps?

How long do you bleed for after miscarriage?

2-4 weeks.

Is it normal to bleed during pregnancy?

no,it is a sign of miscarriage.

How long after a miscarriage will blood appear?

The blood appears during the miscarriage it could take up to 3 weeks after a miscarriage occurs before you bleed.

How long after a miscarriage do you bleed?

1-4 weeks and you get your period back within 8 weeks if you have a early miscarriage.

Do you always bleed or spot when you miscarry?

You must bleed to miscarry. Your body has built up an environment for the baby which must be expelled from the body once the pregnancy dies. It does this by bleeding. That said, bleeding during a pregnancy does not indicate a miscarriage. There are many other reasons to bleed while pregnant. But you should get all bleeding checked up on. Bleeding is not always the first sign of a miscarriage. Other things that you may experience are cramps and loss of your pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness.

How long do you bleed for after a miscarriage?

It can last for 3-4 weeks.

Do you clot or bleed when you become pregnant?

You bleed a little bit about 10 days after conception but clotting can be a sign of miscarriage

Is it normal to bleed for two weeks after a miscarriage stop bleeding for a week and then bleed for another three weeks?

Yes, this is very normal after having a miscarriage. It can take several months for your body to get back to normal.

What happens if you get your period the next day you miscarriage?

Normal bleed after a miscarriage is 1-2 weeks so it's not your period. You get your period back sometimes within 8 weeks from the miscarriage.

When do you ovualate after miscarriage?

You will bleed from the miscarriage for about a week and some ovulate right away after and some takes longer. if it was a fairly early miscarriage you should have your period back within 2 months.

A heavy bleed but no pain or clots is this a miscarriage?

any bleed during pregnancy is bad call ur doctor or go to the er

How far into the pregnancy is it termed a miscarriage instead of an irregular bleed?

Once you have a positive diagnosis of pregnancy then losing the pregnancy is considered a miscarriage. ~pawsalmighty

How long do you bleed after having a miscarriage at 3 weeks?

yes because you had an accident

Do women always bleed when they lose their virginity?

No, they don't always bleed. There are many that do not.

How long after a small miscarriage can a woman bleed?

anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks

What does it mean when you bleed brown during pregnancy?

i know this is harsh but is; often a sign of a miscarriage

What if the doctor made you bleed out on your own can you still have a healthy baby?

Yes. He just let the miscarriage have it's course. Miscarriage is very common and women have babies after that.

What will you see if you have a miscarriage?

when women have a miscarriage they usually bleed and have little clots of blood, you may also see the sac its self which is like a ball full of fluid

Does a person always bleed when having a miscarriage?

no, bleeding does not always occur at the time of miscarriage but can happen weeks later. its known as a missed miscarriage. Unfortunately I know from past experiences and have been over 5 wks since the fetus lost a heart beat to the time of bleeding. One thing to know is that if having a D/C the time between baby passing and bleeding increases the risk of complications such as ashermann syndrome (scarring).

If you took a pregnancy test and it was positive and then a week later a pregnancy test was negative could you have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?

If you started to bleed soon after, then there is a possibility that you could of had a miscarriage. Pregnancy tests are not always acurrate though and that could of been the problem. If it was a miscarriage then I would go and see the docter, because you should get cleaned out nad the docter will tell you if you really were pregnant or not.