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Do you apply for student loans one year at a time or can you apply for all four years of college?

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You must complete a FAFSA application the first of every year.

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What is the legal age to apply for a student loan?

The age requirements for private loans and federal loans differ. Many private lenders require that a student be at least 18 years old to apply for a student loan. However, this is not a legal requirement. The minimum age to apply for federal aid is 16.

Are federal student loans the best option for financing college?

Extremely often, federal student loans provide you with the best interest rates and terms. So, if that is what you are looking for, a federal student loan is the way to go. Good luck with your college years!

Who paid for Barack Obama's college tuition?

Student Loans paid for most of Barack Obama's college tuition. He paid off his student loans over a number of years, concluding his payments with sales from the books he authored.

Can I quit my job and concentrate totally on school for the last two years of my college degree if I can add my price of housing into my loans and be a full time student?

If your a full time student, you can apply for a maintenance loan and a tuition loan, you can also apply for a grant which you dont have to pay back.

Can you apply for federal student loans if you are already in school?

Yes, even though you are attending college already you can still apply for federal student loans. You may not get them for the current year. But you probably will. It will just be late. If you want to apply for the student loan for the next year, the time to apply is now. The best time to apply in order to get the most financial is in march 2004. for the 2004 and 2005 school year. Even though you may not qualify for grants you can still qualify for Perkins loans and low interest loans. If you have any more questions you can go to the federal financial aid web site. Federal Student Loans are given by the government to the needy students to help them complete their education. These loans have various benefits. The interest rates on these loans are wavered or paid by the government during the schooling period. After the schooling years too, there is a deferment for a period of six to nine months. Federal student loans are the best loans available for the student with minimum interest rate, lots of repayment option & student can delay payment till employed.

Applying for Loans for Students?

A student has many options when he or she is applying for loans. It is truly amazing for a student to consider his or her options, when it comes to the world of student loans. A student can apply for loans in a variety of places, if he or she needs access to money. There are so many places to apply for loans, that a student is pretty much guaranteed he or she can pay for college in one way or another. This article will discuss all of the different places that a person can apply for student loans, so that he or she can attend school. First off, a student can apply for student loans through the government. Applying for loans through the government is a very popular option for many students. Many students take out their loans for all three or four years of schooling simply through the government. The government is a great aid for those students that truly need aid from the government. It is truly a great idea for students to seek help from the government, when they need it. It is also a good idea for a student to apply for loans from the government as soon as possible. The sooner that a person applies for loans from the government, the sooner that he or she can figure out one's financial situation. It is truly wise for a person to figure out his or her financial situation before starting college, since college can be a very stressful environment. Many people find that college can be stressful, when it comes to taking exams and being in such a crowded atmosphere. A person may be able to apply for loans in a variety of other places. One of the other places that a person can apply for loans is through different banks. Banks offer a great opportunity for any person that wants to apply for loans. When a person applies for loans through banks, the interest rates through these sorts of loans may be less than those loans that are available through the government. It is a good idea for a person to apply for loans through banks, if he or she may also need additional funds available through a school year. All too often, people face all sorts of unexpected expenses in an academic year, and they are expenses which go beyond what a government loan will cover. This is the sort of situation in which a person will usually need money from a bank.

How can an International student get a student loan without a cosigner?

US banks offer loans to International student who does not have any cosigner. If you are an international student then you should not get worry about loans or financial requirements. If your course is approved by US academy and having good academic background then you can easily get federal loans or scholarships. If you are not from US then these financial helps are not for you. However, if you are living in US for more than three years then these loans are available for you. If you are not eligible for federal loans then apply for international student loan without cosigner that are offered by some leading moneylenders. These are private student loans and any student may apply for these loans. Well, my research says that there is a website Excite Education, they have a page of student loan cosigner. it may be helpful. Do take a look. Good luck!

Is there a grant that can pay off student loans?

No. However, there are some public service programs where if you work for a number of years, the loans--or a portion of them--will be forgiven. You would apply for grants while you are in school.

Did Barack Obama receive foreign student aid in his college student loans?

No. This is simply another "Birther" rumor. He was born in the United States (Hawaii) and was eligible for financial aid when he went to college, because his family was not wealthy. As it turns out, his maternal grandparents helped to pay for some of his education, plus he also took out student loans. He has told interviewers that it took him years to finally pay off the student loans.

Student loans and bankrupsy.can they be discharged?

Student loans do not go through the discharge procedure, only bankruptcy's. A discharge takes place six months from the date you filed for bankruptcy. Then you have to wait two years from the date of discharge to apply for a home loan.

Where did Barack Obama get the money to attend Harvard?

He worked for five years after graduating from college; he also received grants and student loans.

How long do you pay for college after 21?

It typically does not depend on age. However, most students will spend 10 years paying back student loans. Undergraduate students will normally begin paying back student loans 6 months after they graduate.

Do you still have to repay your student loan if you are unable to get employed?

In the US, you are still on the hook for the repayment of the loans, but you can apply for an unemployment deferment from your lender. With the deferment you can stop paying on your loans for up to 3 years. The interest on the unsubsidized stafford loans still accrues though.

How or Who paid for Barack Obama's college education?

President Obama's maternal grandparents helped to pay for his education, plus he received a number of student loans and scholarships. He has said that it was only about six years ago that he and his wife Michelle finally finished paying off their student loans.

Can you apply for a federal college loan if you defaulted on a prior loan 20 years ago and it was discharged in bankruptcy court?

You can apply, but you probably won't get it. Student loans don't have a time limit. That is, it's for life. Discharge in bankrupcy court just means that you don't have to pay it back. That doesn't mean that they will give you a new one.

What is the Statute of limitations for private student loans in California?

4 years

What is the statute of limitations in Texas on private student loans?

4 years

Is it actually compulsory for every college and university student to get summer jobs?

No. If you have student loans, however, then it will pay you to find a permanent part-time job during college. You will then have less to pay off. That's how I got rid of all my student loans only a year after I had to start paying them back. Sure it sucks when you fall asleep in early morning chemistry class when you just got off the graveyard shift at 7am, but most of my friends who didn't do that are still paying off their student loans years after leaving college. It also looks really good in an interview if they see that you worked during college.

How many years can student loans be garnished?

If I've properly understood what you're trying to ask... until they're paid off, however many years that takes. Student loans are rather notoriously not discharged in a bankruptcy.

Taking Out No Credit Check Student Loans?

Many students struggle when it comes to meeting expenses during college. Paying for things like books and rent can be all too expensive for students. Students can truly face all sorts of obstacles in trying to pay off their education. If a student wants to pay for school expenses but does not have a good credit history, then he or she may want to apply for a no credit check student loan. No credit check student loans are a great option for those students that are greatly concerned about their credit. These sorts of loans can truly be great for any student that does not have a good financial history. All too often, students rack up credit card debt while they are in school. This can be very stressful for any student that is concerned about qualifying for student loans in upcoming years. A student may feel hopeless and sad because he or she has credit card debt that is overwhelming. If a person wants to apply for student loans and needs money, then he or she should apply for no credit check student loans. These sorts of loans can be a great option for any student that needs them. A student can truly benefit from taking out no credit check student loans. With these sorts of loans, a student will not have to pull up a credit report for a loan application. A company will simply review a student's record and disregard anything that relates to his or her credit. It is truly a good idea for a student to work with a loan company of this sort, if he or she is in a desperate position and truly needs money as soon as possible. If a student works with this type of loan company, he or she will likely be able to get money of some sort. It is a very wise choice to work with a loan company to come up with a solution that works for both parties. By coming up with a solution, a person will be able to attend school and get the money that he or she needs to be able to make it through a semester.

How do I start paying back my student loans?

Student loans typically enter repayment after a student graduates or is no longer enrolled in a college/university program. During the repayment period, installment payments are made to repay the original loan amount with accrued interest. Most loan payments are made on a monthly basis, with full repayment over several years.

Do you have to pay for a student loan that was made 35 years ago?

Yes, there is no statute of limitations on the repayment of student loans. Federal collection agencies will try to collect on the loans even into retirement. In fact, the Dept. of Ed. will garnish Social Security income for defaulted student loans.

Is there a standard length of time to repay student loans?

10 years. However, students with large loans can get longer repayment terms.

Can you file an adversary proceeding for a discharge of your student loans if you filed bankruptcy 6 years ago?

It's my understanding that student loans are not discharged by bankruptcy any longer. YOu should check this, though

Direct Consolidation Loans?

Students with two or more federal student loans can consolidate all of their federal loans by applying for Direct consolidation loans. Students who apply for a Direct consolidation loans usually choose to consolidate their loans for many reasons, including but not limited to extending the original repayment term of their original loan to 30 years, lowering their monthly payment, lowering their interest rates and securing additional forbearance and deferment time.Students Who Apply for Direct Consolidation Loans Manage Their Loans BetterMany students find it easier to manage all of their student loans by consolidating their existing federal student loans into one loan. Consolidation allows students to combine two or more student loans into one loan, so students will only be responsible for making one monthly payment instead of several monthly payments each month.Direct Consolidation Loans Help Students Lower Interest Rates on Their Existing Student LoansStudents with high interest federal loans can take advantage of lower interest rates by applying for a Direct Consolidation Student Loan. In most cases, students who apply for Direct consolidation loans will find that they can consolidate their existing federal loans down to a lower interest rate.Students Who Apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan Receive Extra Forbearance and Deferment TimeOne of the main benefits of applying for a Direct consolidation student loan is that students who no longer have any forbearance or deferment time left on their existing federal loans will be entitled to new deferment and forbearance time simply by applying for a Direct consolidation student loan.Direct Consolidation Loans Help Students Prevent DefaultStudents who apply for a Direct Consolidation loan can prevent defaulting on their existing federal loans. This is especially true for students who have no other repayment options and can't make their monthly payments. With a Direct student consolidation loan, students and graduates start over with a fresh and brand new loan and repayment terms.Students who are struggling to pay their federal loans, are out of forbearance of deferment time or are interested in lowering their interest rates should consider the benefits of applying for a Direct Student Consolidation loan today.

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