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in 4 years.....yes..he'l be all mine...surely

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Who has played most tri nation games george gregan mils muliaina bryan habana?

Yeah I want that tv but cant find the answer! Gregan has played 8 more than Mils. Mils:40 George: 48 according to

Does Bryan love Darcy more?

This is true. Bryan really does love Darcy more.

Who is a better player Roy Keane or Bryan Robson?

Bryan Robson without any doubt. I just wish Robbo was 10 years younger & he will lead United to more trophies, especially in Europe.

What is an antique vehicles in California?

I believe it is 30 years or more

Who had more caps Bryan robson Stan collymore lee sharpe?

Bryan robson

Where can you find information about football player Bryan Pata?

Click on the 'Bryan Pata Bio' link on this page to learn more about the life of Bryan Pata.

What are the components of acid rain and their sources?

Ahmed had 20 marbles more than bryan, after a game, ahmed lost 60% of his marbles to Bryan and then bryan lost 25% of his marbles to ahmed. In the end bryan had 40 marbles more than ahmed. How much did ahmed have before

What is the weight of Sabrina Bryan?

175 lbs or more

Can medicaid take your home if you owner financed it to someone over 5 years prior to your illness?

I BELIEVE that 5 years is the 'reach-back' point. If it was done more than 5 years ago i BELIEVE that you're okay.

Who was the unofficial mascot of the Dallas Cowboys for more than 40 years?

Cowboy Bill I believe.

Who sold more albums Bryan Adams or Bruce Springsteen?

Bryan Adams has sold 160million albums. Bruce Springsteen has sold 59million albums.

How old do young creationists believe earth is?

Approximately 6,000 years old based on Biblical genealogies, and no more than 10,000 years old.

What does Michael Jordan need?

i believe Michael Jordan needs more devoted fans,a few more good years of basketball,and 2 more nba titles

Who is Bryan molina?

According to one of the more popular "white pages" websites, there are 23 "Bryan Molina"s in the US and Canada. That means there could be as many as 23 different correct answers to the question, depending on which Bryan Molina it refers to.

How many albums has country singer Luke Bryan released?

Country singer Luke Bryan has released 3 studio albums, 1 compilation album and 5 EP's. You can learn more about Luke Bryan online at the Wikipedia website.

What does the Pangaea theory believe will happen years from now?

More and more of the plate is going to get crumpled and get pushed higher and higher up like the Himalayas.

How do the townspeople characterize Clarence Darrow?

they supported bryan more than darrow

Can humans live for more than 100 years?

yes, humans can live for more than 100 years. there are some people around that world at this moment in life that are over 100 years old. I believe the oldest human being ever was 122 years old.

When did Bryan Adams become a singer?

Bryan Adams became a singer in 1984 when he rose to fame in North America. He has sold more than 100 million records.

How long has man been on earth?

most scientist believe man has been on earth for more than 200,000 years. the oldest human settlement ever found was more than 160,000 years old.

When the Israelites left Egypt how long did it take them to reach Caanan?

I believe it took 40 years for them to set foot in Caanan, but then three more years to control all of it

What was William jennings Bryan nickname?

William Jennings Bryan served as the 41st United States Secretary of State. One of his more well-known nicknames was 'The Great Commoner. '

How long have crocodiles been around for?

scientists believe that alligators lived more than 230 million years ago.

When was first alcohol made?

Archaeologists believe that alcohol was first made eight to ten thousand or more years ago.

Did Democritus have more people believe him or did Aristotle?

Aristotle had more people believe him