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I personally think you drink more when using a straw. I drink twice as much with a straw than tipping the cup.

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Q: Do you drink more when drinking through a straw?
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Does drinking through a straw get you drunker?

No logic suggest that drinking through a straw will intoxicate you quicker. In fact, when drinking through a straw, we typically tend to take smaller sips of the liquid than we would if we just sipped it naturally.

Would it be possible to drink from a straw a mile long?

Yes, but it would have to be tilted, almost flat. You can only drink through it if your mouth is not more than 33 feet higher than the surface of the liquid that you're drinking through the straw.

When you drink root beer through a straw do you get a tummy ache?

Actually, it's more common with root beer, but drinking ANY carbonated beverages is linked to non-ulcer related stomach pain. More so, it seems, when drinking them through a straw. The reason is that when you drink carbonated beverages without a straw a portion of the carbonation is eliminated, or neutralized, when it reacts to the saliva in your mouth. If you drink carbonated beverages through a straw, quickly, it fills your stomach with a lot of the gas caused when it reacts to the acid in your stomach, stretching the stomach lining and causing discomfort and pain. If you do drink carbonated beverages through a straw, drink them slowly and give your system time to adjust. You may find that your stomach is telling you to slow down, more often than you realize!

Why does drinking through a straw get you more drunk?

Because you avoid temporary and permanent teeth staining, eliminate wine-staches, and any lipstick and lipgloss stays on your mouth (not on the wine glass). And make sure if you use a straw for drinking wine, its a WineStraw!

What happens as you drink through a straw?

Drinking alcohol through a straw may slow down the rate at which you consume alcohol (depending on how you normally drink), but it will not change how the alcohol is processed in the body. As a result, drinking alcohol through a straw will not make a person any more or less drunk than drinking the alcohol regularly. (Assuming the amount of alcohol consumed is equal in both circumstances and the length of time in both circumstances is also equal.) The only time drinking alcohol through a straw would be faster than regular alcohol consumption is if you merely sip alcohol regularly. One can always chug a drink faster than one can sip it through a straw.Also, drinking anything through a straw will not mix the drink with air. The only time the liquid passing through a straw has air bubbles in it is when there is too little liquid in the container to adequately cover the end of the straw submerged in said liquid when suction occurs. Even if you do drink most of your drink and you intake the last little bit with some air bubbles, the alcohol will not mix with the air. And even if it did mix with the air, there's no reason why the air-alcohol mix would get anywhere near the nasal cavity. And there's no reason why the nasal cavity would absorb the alcohol any faster than your digestive tract.

Is it okay to drink through straw with toothache?

When you take a gulp of something, the liquid touches all/most of your teeth; when you drink through a straw, the liquid touches less teeth. If you drink through a straw you use more muscles in your mouth and cheeks/ shift your jaw more which may irritate your tooth. However, if it is a cavity, and you must drink liquids that are not good for your teeth, then using a straw could be beneficial if you place the straw in a position that allows the liquid to be consumed without touching the hurting tooth. On the other hand, if the liquid always touches the same teeth/hurt tooth it could speed up the deterioration of the tooth.

Why it is difficult to drink liquid with straw on the top of the mountain?

It would be more difficult to drink with a straw on the top of a mountain because of low atmospheric pressure. You would not have as much pressure to push the drink up the straw.

Can you intake more liquid through one straw or through two straws?

You get more water in 1 straw then you get out of 2 straw because when you have 2 straws you just get more air then water.

Do alchohol drinkers go through withdrawls?

People who drink more than a moderate amount of alcohol will go through withdrawal when they cut back or try to stop. This is why you should never drink more than one or two drinks per day and not drink more than one or two days in a week MAX. People who "binge drink" (drinking massive amounts of alcohol on the weekend, for example) are also considered alcoholics because of the amount of drinking they do, even if they don't drink every day.

What are the signs of alcoholism?

When you can't stop drinking - when your drinking interferes with your work or relationships - when you drink more than one or two drinks at one time, even if you know it's a bad idea - when you "need" a drink to get through stress

Is Dizziness four days after drinking normal?

You may be dehydrated. You should drink a gallon of water a day. Even more if you are drinking. When drinking, make every third drink just water.

Does drinking soda with a straw help to not get cavities?

No it goes in your mouth and you will get cavities. Some people's teeth are more prone than others to cavities. Not drink sodas will help ( and be better for you) and brushing your teeth, flossing teeth will cut down on the cavities.