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No, he isn't in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

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Q: Do you find Wisp on Animal Crossing Wild World DS?
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Is wisp in animal crossing DS?

Yes,Wisp is in Animal Crossing Wild World.

Where is wisp on Animal Crossing wild world?

wisp only is on the gamecube and wii version of animal crossing animal crossing city folk wisp is different from gamecube animal crossing wisp. on gamecube, you have to capture five spirits and return to wisp. on animal crossing city folk you randomely find an empty genie bottle. you have to go to night the same day you found the lamp and return it to wisp.

Can you find wisp the ghost on animal crossing wild world?

Sadly, you cannot.

Where will the ghost be on animal crossing wild world?

Wisp doesn't appear in AC:WW, only in AC:GC and AC:CF.

When does the lamp apper in animal crossing wild world ds?

The one for Wisp? It doesn't. Wisp pretty much doesn't exist on AC:WW. Only AC:GC and AC:CF.

Is there a ghost on animal crossing wild world?

No, but Wisp can be found in the original GameCube version and City Folk/Let's Go to the City.

Does Wisp the ghost only appear in Animal Crossing gamecube on Halloween?

It actually does appear in Animal Crossing City Flok but Wisp does not appear in Animal Crossing Wild World(DS) He's talking about Game cube. No he does not only appear on Halloween. He appears sometimes on night. And SOMETIMES ok not every night. anyway good Luck!

Do you have to finish paying your mortgage to get wisp the ghost on animal crossing?

no when you find a lamp wisp will come

When does wisp apear in Animal Crossing City Folk?

monday nights

When did wisp come to your town on Animal Crossing City Folk?


Animal crossing lets go to the city which night will wisp come?


What time do you find wisp in Animal Crossing City Folk?

monday nights