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In short, no.

Ontario schools have three levels of French: Core, Extended and Immersion.

Core French is the bare minimum of French offered to students outside of the French streams. You will not get a certificate of any kind for Core French even if you take it in every grade.

'Core French Enriched' however, is a term I have never heard of (and as a French Immersion graduate, I know my way around the system fairly well) so I suspect it may be code for one of the other streams of French.

Extended French and French Immersion (streamed French) are fairly similar. Both require you to take a French language course each year (much as with English courses) and on top of that either 3 more French courses for Extended, or 6 more for Immersion, totalling either 7 or 10 by graduation. The extra courses are usually other courses the school offers but in French, such as Art, Careers & Civics, or History, to name a few, but the French Language courses are completely different from the Core classes. French Language (or more correctly translated, 'French Language Arts' for the first two years and 'French Literature' for the last two) are more like your English classes, studying French books, plays, and authors. You have to write just as many essays as you would have to in English, and the similarities even go so far as having students write short stories in the third year, just like with academic English. Not all schools offer Extended and Immersion, in fact, usually only one high school in the region will.

Extended French and French Immersion students do get certificates when they graduate, but even those are not true bilingual certificates: my certificate (Immersion, you'll remember that's the most French) only reads 'un bilinguisme fonctionnel'. For a true bilingual certificate, you have to take a standardised test set by the provincial government - but be warned, it's not recommended for students who haven't completed the Immersion programme. If you really want one (and 'Enriched' didn't turn out to be code for 'Immersion'), I would recommend either getting a French tutor or studying French at University (not just one course either, think more in terms of as a major).

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Q: Do you get a bilingual certificate if you take core french enriched when you go to high school in Ontario?
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