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Do you get banned from xbox 360 if you download a game from thepiratebayorg?


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2011-07-17 01:47:42
2011-07-17 01:47:42

In order to play a game that you have downloaded and burned to disc on an Xbox 360 you have to mod your xbox. If you mod your xbox and log on to xbox live you will be banned.

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yes of course Firstly, go to Register Select game to download Download and burn to DVD 9 Put the game in xbox 360 Enjoy

Yes,you will get banned if you insulting and swearing at all the players on the game party.

Depends on the game. Some xbox games are available for download through the xbox marketplace.

Nope, you won't, but please don't try to download illegal content, thanks!

Minecraft is available on the Xbox 360. You can download the entire game to your Xbox hard drive.

Go to Xbox Live Arcade, click on a game, and download the free demo.

A full game download like downloading the cd or a market place game

Get Xbox live and go to the xbox live game market and purchase it for 1200. you can also download packs for it.

You need your xbox chiopped.. but if you do that you cant get xbox live and it is against the law to download games

Just go back to the game you are downloading and select download again.

If it involves any sort of modification to the console or game which the manufacturer did not intend, then Yes, you can be banned.

no you are not able to download Nintendo game for xbox due to the being game for two different consoles and made by two different companies

Yes, the demos on xbox live are free to download. Both silver members and gold members can download demos.

If a game is out of date, the Xbox will prompt you to download the latest update for it. Updates are usually around 4MB and do not take long to download.

Not exactly, if the person that was hosting the modded match could be reported and banned from that particular game, Xbox Live itself, or console banned.

you need xbox live if you have xbox live go to wwe shop on the game then download everything you want

it will be for wii and xbox 360

you can download original xbox games from xbox live to your xbox but not all are combatibal.

You can't the Game disc are not writable and the download must be to the Xbox 360 just like game updates are done.

No, as it is not modifying any code in game, or on the console.

Depending on the game and size and how good a connection you have

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