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Do you get more money for a younger child when claiming taxs?


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When you claim a child that is under 17 maybe. You may qualify for the Child Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax credit. Also if you pay for child care you may qualify for The Child and Dependant Care Credit.

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That issue is affected by state laws and court orders and separation agreements. You need to find the answer before claiming the child. In some states the working custodial parent has the right to claim the child as a dependent regardless if the non-custodial parent pays child support in recognition that the parent with custody generally spends more time and money on caring for the child.

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The Child Tax Credit is $1,000 for each of your dependent children that you are claiming that are 16 or younger. It doesn't have anything to do with gross income. This credit is nonrefundable, so it can only reduce your tax to zero. If your tax is less than this credit (see worksheet in IRS instructions), you will only claim enough of the credit to reduce your tax to zero & you may qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit. The Additional Child Tax Credit is refundable (you can get money back if it's more than your taxes). It can be affected by your income. If the Child Tax Credit worksheet directs you to this credit, use IRS Form 8812 & instructions to see how much to claim. The total claimed on the line for Child Tax Credit & Additional Child Tax Credit cannot be more than $1,000 for each dependent child age 16 or younger. Yes, unemployment is part of gross income. However, it is not earned income.

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