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If the semen gets inside there is always a risk. try the morning after pill up to 72 hours after and take a test 2 weeks after.


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You will not menstruate while pregnant. But there can be a large number of other reasons that blood flows from the vagina even while pregnant all of which require medical attention.

It's when increased blood flows to vagina,normaly through sexual arousal

it flows up into the vagina and the it comes back out because it has nowhere to go.

You can only get pregnant when sperm gets into the vagina. This can happen if his penis is in or very close to your vulva, or if semen flows down your body to your vulva. From this description, it doesn't seem likely that you got close enough to get pregnant. The clothing offers some protection, and if you are also taking birth control pills, I think you're probably safe.

the amiotic fluid surrounding the baby breaks and flows through the vagina

Milk has a low viscosity, it flows quickly and is thin. Molasses is high, it flows slowly and is thick.

Usually penetration is required, but women have got pregnant without it. Like water it flows, and it is microscopic. The odds of pregnancy drop very low unless a quantity of semen gets into the vagina. If it is just on or around the outside, there is still a risk of pregnancy if some seeps inside, but it is unlikely since it usually takes a large quantity of sperm cells to ensure that at least one finds its way all the way up the vagina, through the cervix and past the uterus to find and fertilize an egg -- which must then also successfully implant itself in the uterine lining.

No it is not true. The menstrual blood comes from the Uterus and flows out of the vagina.

hi brooklyn, the viscosity of motor oil is how quickly it flows

Your menstrual blood flows out of your uterus through your cervix, and then out of your vagina. This is how things work for all women. Your hymen is simply a fold of mucosa membrane which partially covers the opening of your vagina. All women are born with a hymen, but in some it is so small as to be virtually undetectable.

Viscosity is the rate of flow of a fluid. High viscosity flows slow and low viscosity flows quickly. I hate you you hate puppies

Viscosity is the measure of a liquid's resistance to flow. A liquid that flows very quickly could be said to have a low viscosity.

It harden really quickly or instantly, and is called a pillow lava. :D

Yes mafic magmas are hot and very runny.

The mafic lava has dominantly magnesium and iron rich minerals.It flows quickly.

the straight rivers flows on relatively steep slopes whereas the meandering rivers flows relatively flat terrains...

The blood flows into the small intestine because it has to carry the waste,food,and other is also responsible in making the sperm also makes the dick larger in the phuda which means vagina

The center of the earth is the hottest, and the crust is the furthest away from that heat.

Yes, it is, as all the water that enters it, quickly flows out.

it would be lava , magma is in the ground and flows on earths surface and cools to lava

Igneous rocks are formed when molten hot rock flows to the surface of the Earth and rapidly cools down. The crystals that form are rich in silicon and oxygen.

Pahoehoe and AA lava are produced by quiet eruptions. This means that instead of a blast or explosion, the lava just flows out of the volcano. Pahoehoe lava is hot and flows quickly. AA lava is cooler in temperature and doesn't flow as quickly.

The process is by making love, or sex. When you stick the penis into the vagina, oxygen flows from the penis into the females body.

i have a buning sensation on my vagina every time my period flows out and im getting kinda scared and it hurts.

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