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That depends, some best friends are more like brothers or sisters than boyfriend girlfriend, but if you think you two could get along well together in that way then it could be ok, but you don't want to lose your friendship for a "fling" so think it through first.

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Q: Do you go out with your best friends?
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If its okay with you and him then go for it=)

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Think about why you are not great best friends anymore and what you can do to become best friends again. you could ask her and some other friends out to the cinema or shopping, but ask some friends that will not make her go off with them and not talk to you. Hope this helps :)

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What do I do when my crush likes both my best friends more than me?

It depends on how your best friends feel about him if they like him tell them you like him and they may understand and tell him how you feel or they are not your best friends and just go along of what he is doing with them. Your crush and your best friends are jerks if they don't let them have him or he wants them and not you. Tell him that you are jealous. Tell him how you feel also.